I did it... I cut a quarantine fringe

You know all those memes going around at the moment saying no matter what you do during this time in quarantine, just Do. Not. Cut. A. Fringe. Those? Yeah… I did not listen to those.

Thing is, I never once had the desire to get a fringe, bar that time when I was fifteen and gave it a go (we’ve all been there). But when all these internet warnings started circulating saying for the love of God, don’t attempt cutting your own fringe at home, for some reason it suddenly found itself at the top of my list of Things To Do. It’s like telling someone not to think about unicorns. What is the first thing that you do? I know it’s a tired old story, but what can I say? I am but human, and reverse psychology works a charm.

I’m not completely mad though; I figured best not do anything without sitting on the idea for a second, give it a wee thought. During this time I consulted several articles and videos, though when I first started looking there was precious little to guide me. I found a lot popped up over the last week which goes to show how many of us are privately plotting a self-styled chop within the confines of our own home. I knew I couldn’t be the only one.

Listen, in Canada at least we’re currently a minimum four weeks out from being back in public and with other humans, so I figure any potentially disastrous fringe that may result from this endeavour should have enough time to grow out into something resembling decency by then. Like my friend said, it’s only hair. It’ll grow.

During this time, the same friend introduced me to the Instagram account of Jeanne Damas, founder of Parisian brand Rouje. As well as being the image of Parisienne chic we all wish we could embody, she's what fringed dreams are made of… all tousled bed hair in an oh-so-nonchalant way. This is what I was aiming for. What I was a bit more realistically expecting I may end up resembling is David Bowie’s Goblin King. Just to give a visual representation to that expectation vs. reality fear…

As it turns out, I’m surprisingly thrilled with the result, and more than a little impressed that my gamble paid off? I did a shocking job of cutting straight, and intended to ask Jesse to even it out afterwards, but found the feathered look weirdly works, and I decided to leave it as is. Might I be a fringe person from now on?! Time will tell.

(Psst… for anyone considering a similar move, I found Harper’s Bazaar’s guide to making the chop the best. I won't repeat all it says, but if there is only one piece of advice I would give anyone doing the shop themselves... do not cut above the bridge of your nose! Start long, you can always go shorter.)

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