The most fun I've had on an app...

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a different hair colour or style? How about what you'd look like as the opposite gender? Or with a few decades added on? With a Hollywood makeover? It may be the most overused saying of the 21st century but... there's an app for that.

Having launched in early 2017, I'm not sure how it took me so long to discover FaceApp, which uses AI to determine what your face would look like with any one of a raft of different features, but I could play on this for hours.

I was never one of those brunette people who started off as a blonde kid... I have always been a dark-haired lass, me. For the most part, I love my hair colour and prefer dark tresses over light in general, but I have still often wondered (yet failed to picture) what I would look like with fair hair. Even though I found it impossible to conjure up an image, I always assumed it would be awful, as true dark-haired people can rarely rock light locks.

I was surprised with the results not only because they didn't look as ghastly as I imagined, but because the result was unexpectedly convincing. These two factors led me to share the result on social media, covering the app logo and nearly every person - friend, family member or workmate - was fooled. Furthermore, feedback was overhwlemingly positive.

It's all a lot of fun, but I can also see the potential danger of spending too much time and giving too much energy to changing your appearance - even if only on a screen. The Hollywood filter in particular, which airbrushes every flaw, adds makeup, styles hair, and contours the face, is something I suspect is adopted by more than a couple of the world's "Insta-famous" and I'm not sure this added layer of filtering our lives and our very selves is a good thing.

If you can resist getting carried away though, this app is a barrel of laughs. As for me, though I loved seeing all these hypothetical changes, I think I'll stick with my natural hair colour... for now. But while we're at it, who do you suppose this handsome devil might be?!

P.S. in the top photo I am wearing my Burberry eye shadow stick A.K.A. a lazy girl's new best friend, and the best way to make blue eyes pop.

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