Did someone say snow globe?

I've made no secret of my infatuation with York, and I find there is no better way to soak up its charm than strolling through the streets and scenes of the town on foot. I have enjoyed its magic through the seasons, and the daffodils which are starting to pop up around the city walls are a telltale sign than the anniversary of my arrival is near. That means that as well as appreciating the city in springtime as it was when I arrived, I have also been wooed by York on golden balmy summer evenings, through the vibrant autumn months and now, in a scene straight out of a fairy tale, in the falling winter snow. I give you... York as a snow globe. I couldn't help but grab my camera as I wrapped up and headed out the door for my walk to work, and I'm so glad I did. The dusting of white along the city walls. on the banks of Clifford's Tower and lying in the fields my daily commute takes me through were too beautiful not to capture. Prepare to swoon.

#outside #york #snow #snowyscenes