Colour me Merlot

When I think of the colours of winter, I think blues and greys and white and... oxblood red. I know it's the odd one out, but there's something about that deepest crimson which just screams winter to me. Maybe it's the excess of red wine (be it mulled or otherwise) I drink at this time of year, or maybe it's the fact that darker colours look better with my especially white skin at this time of year than all the brighter shade I wish I could pull off.

In the absence of money to afford new coats and boots and jumpers in all colours red wine, I've gone and got some makeup to fill the void... it's the poor girl's way to get some oxblood red in her life, short of murdering an actual ox. Given dark red is about one of the most universal shades you could think of, you won't be hard pressed to find an array of options out there, but just in case you're interested, I'm wearing Rimmel's Super Gel finish in shade Venus on my nails, and The Body Shop's Matte lipstick in shade Osaka Plum on my lips. And the wine? Sainsbury's finest. (Remember, she's a pauper.)

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