Scotland love

January 25th is Burns Night - an opportunity to celebrate Scotland's most beloved poet, Robbie Burns, but also a day to generally just celebrate Scotland in all its glory. It's a night in which ceilidhs - traditional Scottish folk dances - are held around the country, bagpipes sound, and whiskey is drunk.

I love Scotland, a lot. As well as being the whole reason I am allowed to stay in the U.K more than the customary two years most New Zealanders can (shout out to my grandma for being Glaswegian), I happen to think shortbread is the most delicious kind of biscuit (say what you want, but you can't beat that much butter), I don't think a better stand up comedian has ever lived than Billy Connolly, a better drunk dance tune has been written than 500 Miles, or a more magical place exists than the Highlands... did you see my post last summer?

In ode to the place I love so much but haven't spent nearly enough time in, I'm sharing some of the photos which I think capture its magic the best. Also, as a little aside... if you haven't had a look in on the TV show Outlander yet, let me just confirm there is no better way to develop an infatuation with bonnie Scotland... and one red-headed Scotsman in particular. Just take my word for it, and get involved in season one stat.

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