The Yorkshire Series: North York Moors

Two weeks ago I wrote the first in what I envisage being a long series of love letters to the place I have chose to make my home (for the meantime, anyway). I am calling it The Yorkshire Series, and this week I'm swooning over the North York Moors.

Making up one of the country's most unique national parks, the moors are spectacular to behold, and unlike anything I ever saw in New Zealand, even with scenery as diverse as ours.

Gently rolling expanses of land doused in wild heather stretch as far as the eye can see in every direction, and there's no season that doesn't do this natural wonder justice. In summer months the heather flowers bloom and the entire landscape adopts a radiant purple. In winter, mist hangs over the landscape creating an other-worldly atmosphere that it feels you're walking through a dreamscape. If you're lucky enough to see it in snow, you'd be forgiven for thinking you're somewhere near the South Pole.

Walks aplenty provide opportunity to explore the magical moors on foot, but even driving through these upland moors is an incredible experience. Their elevated position means a climb up and steep ascent back down the other side is required, and you get spectacular views on the way.

In short, a visit to Yorkshire without looking in on the moors would be like visiting Arizona without checking out Monument Valley... unthinkable. (Can you tell what location is pretty high on my bucket list?)

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