Lazy girls' new best friend

I won't lie, I'm a lazy human at heart. Motivation has always been a struggle for me... to get out of bed, to go for a run, even to go to bed and sometimes - shamefully - to go out and socialise. I guess it should come as no surprise then that make-up is another area where I simply lack the incentive.

I cannot tell you how many times I have dreamed up ideas for fun beauty posts on here, but you may notice how lacking the 'dresser' section of this website is. It just doesn't come naturally - or particularly easily - to me. Long have I imagined glowing, dewy-faced photos alongside posts that would rival the best of them... a Chloe Morello 2.0 if you will. Alas, it is not to be. A) I don't have the know-how and, most crucially, B) I don't have the drive to put more than two minutes a day into my beauty routine. I think I'm finally accepting that's just who I am. Chloe Morello I ain't.

Given said inherent laziness, I am always on the lookout for makeup tools that take the faff out of the whole process... just because I lack motivation, doesn't mean I don't like makeup itself. I love seeing other people experiment with it, and I have always loved having my makeup done... I'm just no good at it! I know there's a lot of arguments against makeup, and the feeling of necessity so many women associate with it. SIDE NOTE ON THIS: can we take a second to bow down to RnB star Alicia Keys who stopped wearing makeup altogether back in 2016 because she was tired of feeling she had to cover up, and hasn't looked back since. The woman is a goddess.

As in awe of Alicia as I am, and although I can appreciate some of the arguments against makeup, I think it can be an amazing, empowering and a truly lovely thing when people wear it for themselves, not for others. I admire people who put the effort into their appearance. Not because it makes them conform to an idea of beauty, but because to me, it shows a level of self-care and pride in oneself that I aspire to. Whenever I do put in the effort (or have someone else put in the effort on my behalf), I always feel so put-together, which in my life is a rarity! I feel a little more on top of things... I get my strut on.

I was thrilled when I recently discovered a perfect tool to help me look like I've put effort in and even know what I'm doing with makeup. Here's the thing... I still have no idea what I'm doing, I just happened to have found the most idiot-proof makeup ever. The Eye Colour Contour from Burberry literally looks like a crayon and has made a glittery, smoky eye something that is finally within the realms of possibility for this makeup simpleton.

It has a creamy formula meaning it glides on like. a. dream. and the rounded tip means it creates naturally soft edges, blending itself. Ladies! This is huge! No smudging needed! I don't know about you, but whenever I've attempted an eye shadow 'look' in the past, it's the smudging - the part I think is always going to be my friend and saviour - which makes the whole thing go up in flames, and suddenly it's not a woman but a panda staring back at me in the mirror. Sound familiar?

There's a whole range of shades available to enable the creation of a non-panda smoky eye, but I have incorporated just one of the lighter shades into my (almost non-existent) everyday makeup routine. Let me tell you, it has made the world of difference. I look so much more put-together, as if I've made an effort (I really haven't) and I have received a bunch of compliments at work. Best of all, this is waterproof (I assure you this comes in handy for someone who walks to work in English winter) and has incredible staying power - it's always completely intact at the end of every day. Gone are the days of eye shadow powder falling down onto my cheeks as I apply it, gathering throughout the day in my eyelid creases and causing me to look like an absolute mess by 5pm.

Thank you makeup Gods. (And thank you Jesse-slash-Santa.)

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