A winter jumper of dreams

I know I’ve just written about my deep love of winter but I thought it worth sharing with you one of the primary reasons for which I love this season. Behold, a jumper more floofy and delightfully snug than ever you have surely ever witnessed!

There’s something so god damn comforting about winter clothing - wrapping up in layers of warmth and fluff that feel like a constant hug. Like a blanket you get to take everywhere you go.

I found this particularly delightful jumper in my favourite of London’s many markets, Brick Lane Market. It was only £20 off the rack and I can barely believe it’s second hand, so lush and soft are its threads. Thick as they come, low-cut armpits that allow me to draw my arms in like a cocoon (a mandatory manoeuvre on those nights - too numerous to count - spent watching films on the couch) and wool the colour of vanilla custard. What an utter delight.

We all have that favourite piece of clothing for those cold winter days... this is mine.

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