The only tan I can rock

Many people are fortunate enough to have skin all variety of tan shades. Warm tones, golds and browns that speak of sunny places. Not I. No, sadly biology has not blessed me with such rich colour, but served me the pasty bluish tones we of British heritage must endure... try as many northern lasses may try to deny it (see Geordie Shore for reference... yikes).

Lacking the nerve to undergo the fake tanning process lest I end up like poor Ross (see right) tan is - for me at least - a colour which is able to flourish only in the wardrobe.

Not content to dull all my clothing to greys and blacks to match what the weather is doing at this time of year, from autumn on I fully embrace the shade in any way I can, be it accessories, clothing or footwear... not least of all my favourite boots of all time.

The possibilities for tan in fashion are endless. It comes in so many hues there is something out there for everyone... even us pasty gals. It is understated enough that it can be worn in the workplace without knocking people's socks off, but can also work as a staple piece in a casual outfit, like this tan coat I am absolutely lusting after at the moment. Sigh.

As well as being able to hold its own as the centrepiece for an outfit though, there is no shade better than tan to make up all the fashion trimmings in the form of accessories. Exhibit A: Meghan Markle last Christmas. Girl doesn't leave any tan stone un-turned... hat, gloves, bag, boots. And let's not forget blush to match.

While I haven't attempted the quad-tan look a la Markle, I often mix various tan items together, like a handbag and boots. It's not quite princess style... give me time. And money. Here are some of my favourite tan items currently enjoying a lot of wear. If you want to learn how NOT to do tan (there can always be too much of a good thing) scroll to the bottom. It was a costume, mind, but I basically felt like a giant flake of rust... with eyes.

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