Me time - an appreciation post

Do you know something I'm coming to value more and more as I get older? Me time.

Some might call it self-indulgence, some might say it's boring. I'm don't actually wholly disagree with either of those statements, I just don't consider them to be necessarily bad things. There may come a time in my life whereby uninterrupted time to myself becomes a thing of the past, and that is my present. I appreciate my life as it currently is for the wealth of luxuries it allows me, and I try not to take them for granted. One such luxury is having time to myself so yes, it may be indulgent, but we all deserve to indulge ourselves a little sometimes, so indulge I shall.

In regards to the prospect that spending time alone can be boring, I think sometimes it can do us a little good to be bored. Being bored means a state of inactivity which it can be hard to find in modern lifestyle. We are always switched on, always communicating. We are constantly running to some envisioned goal posts... it's almost like we are forgetting the art of just being.

I think it's important to spend some time in your own company, even if it means doing something seemingly mundane. It gives you a second to stop and listen to yourself rather than let your thoughts be consumed and altered by all the voices thrown at us from our phones and computers every day. We get so caught up in what everyone else is thinking we forget to stop and think ourselves. But if we never even give ourselves the time of day, how can we expect anyone else to?

It's about self care

If there's one lesson (of the so many invaluable lessons) that we should take away from the television series du jour Queer Eye, it is to prioritise looking after ourselves. Take some time to simply do something for yourself because A) you deserve it and B) it will genuinely make you feel good.

There are no rules

Every 'me' on this planet is a whole individual person with their own whole individual life and likes, so it goes without saying that what one person constitutes the ultimate 'me time' activity might be another's idea of hell. I'm not saying everyone has to start taking baths a la Chandler in Friends (though he didn't know he loved them until he gave them a try, so maybe give something

unexpected a go... what's the worst that can happen?) but just find something that you enjoy. That being said, these are my own favourite ways to unwind:

  1. Take myself to a cafe and find a cosy nook to write in

  2. Curl up on the sofa with a book

  3. Go for a walk, no headphones

  4. Take a bath, grab a drink and just soak

It's OK to do things alone

It often feels like there's a weird stigma for some reason around spending time alone, like it means you're antisocial or a bit of a sad case. Can we just nip that little misconception in the bud please and clarify that just because we take some time to be on our own, doesn't mean we don't love people's company. It just means we love our own too.