Autumnal heaven in York

Had you asked me a month ago what my favourite season was, instead of an answer you would have heard a lot of indecisive noises as I rattled off what I like about each season. The flowers! The heat! The crunchy leaves! The snow! I always found it hard to nail down a favourite but those days are long gone thanks to my new hometown. I can now say with absolute certainty that I am in fact ALL about those crunchy leaves.

It's possible that this newfound love for autumn stems from the fact that I have never lived in a place where Autumn was as keenly felt as it is in my new hometown of York... Auckland, Sicily, and even London are all warmer places where the seasonal sights were so keenly expressed. In York, it's another story. My morning walks to work have become visions of orange and frosted silver. My walks home, thanks to the shortening days, are bathed in golden hour sunset. I'm in autumnal heaven over here.

So, what is it that makes this magical time of year just quite so magic?

  1. The food. Truly, autumn is the season of plenty... everywhere I go, berries, apples, rose hips and every manner of tasty treats nature provides us are falling from tree to ground and York's restaurateurs sure know how to make the most of it all. YUM. Also, I am LOVING the pumpkin craze which fills every shop window, appears on every menu, and seeps its way into every hot beverage at this time of year.

  2. The fashion. Oh, the fashion. Coats, scarves, boots, and hats come out of a long retirement and are welcomed back into out wardrobes. I don'r care how much you love summer, there is no denying that autumn fashion is where it's at. Warm enough that you don't need to cover all the way up a la winter, but cold enough you can play with layers and colours. Such fun.

  3. The fun. I know I'm 28. I know I shouldn't kick and giggle my way through leaves on the footpath like a toddler but I cannot help it. Something about autumn brings out the child in all of us.

  4. The colours. The most obvious perk of autumn is the spectacle Mother Nature turns on at this time of year. Orange leaves peek out from behind the city walls, red berries falls to ground, trees turn from green to yellow to brown. No one can ever be as good an artist as autumn can.

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