A mascara with staying power

This is trivial news in the grand scheme of things, but it's been a long time coming so it feels like a Big Deal. I have finally found a mascara which actually does what it promises... the search is over! Long have I hunted for the perfect mascara, but all in vain. Time and time again I have been gutted to find a product which promised the world and delivered not even a small corner of said world. I've had them all... the smudgy kind, the rock hard kind (never have I felt pain like trying to take this kind off), the barely-does-a-bloody-thing kind, and the clumpy kind. I say NEIN DANKE to the clumpy kind. Twiggy worked it, I cannot.

Enter Clinique, a beauty brand I've long dreamed of but never actually managed to get my hands on due to a serious lack of monies. Rather, whenever I have had any monies to spend, it's gone on things like travel or coffee (mostly coffee), so special thanks to mum for the birthday voucher which enabled me to treat myself in a way I usually wouldn't be able to justify. She's good to me.

I find the best thing about the High Impact mascara from Clinique is its sheer endurance. This stuff lasts longer than most Hollywood marriages and at the end of a full day when it's time to take it off before bed, it hasn't smudged or worn off in the slightest. If you're after super dramatic va-va-voom lashes, no mascara can do what extensions of falsies do. But if what you're after definition, length and something that'll open your eyes right up and still be killing it 12 hours later, this is a winner (winner, chicken dinner. Sorry, and God damn the power of good advertising).

It's not often I do beauty posts these days - I feel it's a bit of a joke giving advice in this area when there's so many better sources out there to get it from - but I felt compelled to share for anyone who has struggled as I have to find a great mascara. Your lashes will love you for it.

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