A York Sunset

I’ve only lived in the city of York for three months, but already the reasons why I love it are too numerous to count. One of them: its sunsets. In particular, what the setting sun does to the mighty York Minster which looms over the town below. When the sun hits it bang on before dipping beneath the horizon, the whole church burns a golden pink that makes my heart sparkle every single time. I know I’m still new and more excited by my surroundings than those who are born and live their whole lives here, but when I’m faced with that evening after glorious evening, I cannot imagine there’s a single person whose breath doesn’t catch when it fills their vision.

York is a major tourist hot spot, and its small medieval streets jam up pretty quickly in the weekends. For some reason I can’t understand though, it empties right out in the evening, when the sun is on its way down and the shops are closed and the walls are all yours for the roaming. It’s the most magical time of day as it is, but it's made so much more so by the absence of crowds.

Going on evening walks to enjoy this quiet, extra magic side of the city has quickly become a habit of mine. I’ve done it countless times, I could take countless photos, but usually I just wander and enjoy, constantly annoying one long-suffering friend with “MY GOD I LOVE THIS PLACE” texts as the love of place swells (sorry, B).

Last night, rather than enjoy it just for myself, I took some photos as I ran around the town chasing the sun and trying my best to capture the rose gold light that bathed the entire scene. Of course it’s impossible to capture what it feels like to stand amongst it, but I did my best, and here are the results. If you’re not convinced that this place is worth a visit yet… I cannot help you.

Pink sunlight hits Micklegate Bar

When that evening sunlight hits the Minster....

A swoon-worthy sky

A goose chasing the sunset