Nails for Springtime

Spring is upon us! Or so I'm told... despite having changed to official British summer time just a few days ago, it's been raining here for the past week and a half, the River Ouse which runs through York is flooded, and it's said there's more snow on the way. Springtime, that you? Despite its poor form so far, spring has turned out a very pretty sight in my new hometown... daffodils are all over the place at the moment, on the banks sloping up to the old city walls and historic Clifford Tower, built in the 11th century. Check it out.

Despite the fact that the weather might not be playing ball, springtime is officially here, as the flowers remind me, so I'm embracing it. I bought myself some tulips which are blooming on the mantelpiece as we speak and, given all the spare time I have on my hands at the moment, what with being unemployed, I decided to get some pretty spring tones on my nails. Did someone say pastels?

I'm something of a hoarder when it comes to makeup, despite rarely using the majority of it. So rather than opting for just one sweet shade, I picked out three of the prettiest pastels I own, and even a fun bitty top coat to add some texture. The products I used are:

  • Rimmel's Rita Ora line in shade 'Partner in Lime'

  • O.P.I. in shade 'Crawfishin' for a Compliment'

  • Rimmel's Rita Ora line in shade 'Fit for a Princess'

  • Sally Hansen Luxe Lace line in shade 'Eyelet'

Have a look at the end result below, I was pretty happy with the result! Also, check out my recent post on trying out some of the lipsticks I have a habit of hoarding too! The things I do when unemployed...

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