Getting lippy with Bourjois

I've never pretended to be one of those daring lipstick mavens - not like several gorgeous gal pals of mine who know how to rock a bold lip. Me, I'm more of a a play it safe (read: boring) kind of girl, never venturing beyond my plain neutral colours. I do think being brave with make up is probably just a classic case of the age-old saying, 'fake it 'til you make it.' Surely every single person that wears a bold lip for the first time feels a bit self-conscious, but it's just about owning it anyway, lading everyone around you to believe you're an old pro. And just like, you will be. I've long thought to myself that I really need to just get over my initial hesitation and start being a bit more adventurous with my makeup choices.

For this reason, when I recently had the chance to get my hands on a variety of colours from the new Rouge Edition lipsticks from Bourjois, I went a little wild. These beauties will can be easily found at drug stores like Boots and will only set you back £6.50. What's even more exciting is that they're legitimately little legends. They go on like a dream, they're long-lasting, they don't smudge, and bonus, they smell good too. Here are some of the shades I nabbed for myself... they couldn't be more different but hey, it's never too late to branch out, am I right?

Shade: Nude York

This is the closest to the kind of colour I am prone to wear every day, and is just a little darker than your average nude lippy. While it has a bit more of a pronounced look than what I am used to, I really like it and think it complements my complexion nicely... I'll definitely be using this one often! I'm progressing by baby steps, I guess?

Shade: In Mauve

I've never been a big fan of pink/purple shades like this one, but purely because it's not a colour I particularly like in any form, not because I think it looks unduly bad on me. I actually liked this on more than I had anticipated; I have a naturally cool complexion and very cool blue eyes (I always hope this doesn't make me look like a cold person to others... I'm a fan of warm brown eyes myself!) so I think this shade complements me quite nicely. Without being too crazy, I think I will definitely wear this one from time to time, maybe not for the office though, as it seems a bit too playful for the professional sphere!

Shade: Berry Chic

I was veeeery hesitant about this one, as it's miles darker than anything I would ever even look at on the shelf, but I figured in the spirit of being daring I may as well give it a go. It's not dissimilar to the dark mulberry hue my homegirl Lorde made her trademark, and as I share her pasty skin and dark hair, I thought there was a chance I could work it. I surprisingly don't hate it, but it's definitely a real look, and one I think that I, with my very low-key style, would struggle to pull off. Definitely a winter clour and only for the evening... I may give it a go and see the feedback I get!

Shade: Red-volution

I am partial to a red lip, but this one just wasn't right for me. I think it's partly the eye makeup pairing, which resulted in an overall effect which is a little too heavy-handed and tacky, and also the fact that, upon reviewing the photo, I hadn't exactly applied it very well (can you tell I don't do this often?!) Red lipstick is far from forgiving, so when I get it wrong I look a bit like a clown. Get it right though and it truly is the best - classy, simple, chic, stunning. I may pass on this one, but keep the hunt going for my perfect red!

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