Christmas Magic in London

You may have read my last post and thought I was no longer enamoured with London as I once was, and I just want to take a moment right now to quieten those worrying wee thoughts. Sure, London is a difficult place to live at times, and I like to say it makes you work for it, but if you’re willing to pour the love into this city, it will return it with interest.

Never does London Town reward loyal love more fiercely than at Christmastime, when the city lives its best life and becomes its most beautiful.

So, what better way to spend our Christmas Eve – potentially our last in this city – than by soaking it all up? Jesse and I headed right into the middle of it all, camera in hand, to capture the beauty of the festive season in some of the oldest parts of the city. Look with wonder, and if you’re still wondering if I love this city, I think the photos will answer that question themselves... LONDON, I LOVE YOU DEEP. Merry Christmas everyone, whichever part of the world you may be in!

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