'Ingrid Goes West' film review

4 stars

It’s fair to say social media has somewhat taken over life in the last decade, so it’s about time we had a movie about it! Enter comedic gem Ingrid Goes West.

How much time do you spend trawling through the too-good-to-be-real-life Instagram feeds of glamorous strangers? Let me guess... too much? If so, chances are you’ll get more than a giggle out of this film and the plight of Ingrid, its social media obsessed and highly delusional protagonist.

We meet Ingrid (played by the ultimate master of dry humour, Aubrey Plaza) as she’s coming out of rehab, having been committed to the institution following an attack on an Insta-famous individual who she was convinced was her best friend (she wasn’t). Yikes.

Having recently lost her mother and with a sad lack of any real friends, Ingrid almost immediately turns back to the world of social media, finding a new target for her borderine-scary delusions; beautiful Instagram star Taylor (Elizabeth Olsen). In a matter of hours, Ingrid is completely unhinged once again, moving her whole life to L.A. in order to weasel her way into Taylor’s life and become her new best friend... something she pulls off only by mimicking her new idol in every aspect of her life.

It may be extreme, but the fact is we all house subtle shades of Ingrid within ourselves, that’s what makes this such a great watch. It’s impossible to see the polished, perfect, posed – and filtered within an inch of their life – photos on Instagram and not feel a pang of jealousy, a wave of FOMO (fear of missing out). Ingrid Goes West is essentially a cautionary tale, hilariously told.

Aubrey Plaza is at her side-splitting best, Elizabeth Olsen is perfectly cast as the bronzed, blonde, Boho babe every girl the world over wants to emanate, but the highlight for me came in the form of O’Shea Jackson Jr., making a highly anticipated return to the big screen since portraying his dad Ice Cube in his first ever film Straight Outta Compton. Starring as Ingrid’s hugely loveable, Batman-fanboy neighbour in L.A., Jackson proves he can seriously act – beyond imitating his famous dad – and often serves as the voice of reason when Ingrid’s crazy starts getting a little out of hand... i.e. all the time.

The awesome cast, all too real social media obsession and some top-notch screenplay writing all come together to create a highly unique film, sure to deliver entertainment for those of us in this Insta-crazed generation!

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