Literature's Loveliest Lines

Yesterday, my cousin got married, and the ceremony left me all kinds of emotional. Ask anyone who knows me... I'm not usually an overly-emotional sort. I mean, where animals are concerned, sure. Maybe hype up a coffee date for a couple of hours and then tell me we can't actually go, and you're likely to witness some weeping, but when it comes to displays of emotion and declarations on love, I'm not really the type. At least I thought I wasn't, but after yesterday I'm having to re-think a thing or two.

Of course there's something about seeing someone that you care about cry, even when you know they're happy tears... the bloody wobbly chins get me every time. But it was something else as well. There was something so overwhelming about being at an event which so wholly and completely concerns itself with love. I know that's what weddings are all about after all, but it was truly just a joy to stand in this bubble of love all day long and see two people so utterly content with one another.

I don't quite have the words to capture the joy of love I witnessed yesterday, so I thought I would be wise to leave its description up to those somewhat more well-versed than myself. These are some of my favourite lines about love from literature... some of the most beautiful and skillfully constructed sentences to capture that elusive thing so outside any concrete definition that we call love.

Julie and Jeremy, I wish you a lifetime of moments bursting with the love you felt yesterday.

Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens:

The Age of Innocence, by Edith Wharton:

Twelfth Night, by William Shakespeare:

Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Brontë:

Selected Diaries by Virginia Woolf:

Angelita Lim:

The Rover, Aphra Behn:

Alfred Tennyson:

The History of Love, Nicole Krauss: