OK, can we talk about something else now?

Just a really quick thing today guys... 

This. This is why I have to stifle an outburst when people say things like 'we don't need feminism in first world countries.'

The Daily Express is one of the leading papers in Britain, and this is a screen grab of their top five stories displayed above an article I was reading on their site this week. Let's break it down...

  • Two male-centric stories focus on what men have said, and what they are discussing

  • Three female-focused 'stories' focus on women's bodies, and how much of their skin we can see

  • Only the pieces about women use adverbs, and they are: 'ample', 'peachy' and 'busty'

I'm at a loss for words. Naysayers can go on as much as they like about women being treated as men's equals, but small things like this prove every single day that this isn't true. I do think attitudes are changing, but the media needs to at least attempt to catch up, otherwise it's dragging us backwards, filling the minds of impressionable readers with these horrible stereotypes of gender roles, justifying them in the process by masking it all as 'news.'

When will the media get over its obsession with female bodies? Every single human on the planet has a body and has skin... I am beyond tired of this. The more tired I become, the more I become aware of things like this in everyday life and it. is. relentless. Focusing on what men say and what women look like only reinforces the maddening sexism which we are trying to escape, which we would in fact all benefit from escaping.

Please... do move on, British press. I think you'll find that times are changing, which means that as well as desperately falling circulation figures, younger consumers are getting pretty tired of this bullshit, and turning increasingly towards non-traditional online content-providers who they're starting see as authorities. For the most part, they're sure as hell more likeable too.

They're boobs, OK? You literally suckled them when you were a baby and every second person in the world has them. CAN WE TALK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE NOW.