Five Girls Show Us How To Do Lipstick

In the last few years, there seems to have been a colossal increase in official ‘Days’ designated on either a national or international level to commemorate all sorts things, both fun and ridiculous. Think World Gin Day, National Pizza Day or World Naked Gardening Day (yes, it’s a thing). They’re all completely silly... but I love them.

As much for the opportunity to drink lots of gin, eat lots of pizza or... garden in the buff (OK, not sure about that one), I embrace them because they provide a perfect excuse to create fun posts ‘for the blog.’ On that note, did you know July 29 is World Lipstick Day?

Spotting a perfect opportunity for such a post, I employed the help of five gorgeous girls I know – each with their own very personal sense of style – to demonstrate the beauty of lipstick at its best. One of the most flexible, simple and effective tools we have for self-expression, these beauties show how it’s done, and have inspired me to experiment with lipstick a little more myself.


I also call this girl the great master of the casual red lip. I have never known anyone who nails the whole Parisian-chic thing so bang on the head, and the bright warm red lip she always sports is definitely part of that. Amélie is French-Canadian, so I figure she has it in her blood, but still... She rocks the bright lip at any hour of the day, with any outfit and somehow it never looks out of place like I think it would on so many of us. I bow down.

"Red lipstick makes me feel instantly fabulous and it’s such a classic. It changes my look in a second, it’s easy to keep a shade always in my purse, and I find it super easy to use, day or night."


I’ve heard the saying “she lives and breathes fashion” before and I always found it odd... until I met Lauren. This girl does things with style I don’t even have the imagination to consider; think berets, chunky denim jackets, overalls, bold tailored trousers paired with a cropped singlet, statement 80s jumpers and mustard-coloured dresses... who even looks good in mustard?! Part of it all is her use of a dark lip which she rocks like no one you’ve ever seen. Please – just scroll through her Instagram feed, won’t you?

"I love lipstick because all too often it completes my outfits. If I look in the mirror with my eyebrows done and my outfit all pristine, but there’s still something missing, I know that I need to grab a lippy. I frequently wear darker colours to match my black soul."

Photo cred: the supremely talented Israel Peters


I am in constant awe of my cousin Tammy and her outrageous (in the best sense of the word) style. I don’t think there are many of us that could pull off a shaved undercut beneath waist-length bright blue dreadlocks (they have previously been bright pink and bleached blonde) with matching eyebrows, black lipstick and lip jewels, but somehow she makes it look phenomenal. I feel like London – a place renowned for its creativity and wild, wacky, wonderful style – is her soul city. She experiments with all sorts of makeup for her stage persona, Chess Countess (this girl has a VOICE – check out her YouTube channel) and uses lipstick as the ultimate tool for self expression. You go, Glenn Coco!

"I love standing out in a crowd with bold colours and crazy fashion choices., which is why black lippy is the only choice for me!"

Photo cred: ANOTHER amazing cousin of mine, Lisa Gilby at Freshest Frames


It would be easy to be jealous of this stunner – she has looks I would kill for. A beautiful olive complexion, thick curly hair, warm brown eyes... all the things this pasty girl wishes she had! Instead of jealously though, I always feel admiration when I see Tala; she compliments her colouring perfectly, and always looks so exceptionally put together. A large part of how she achieves both these things is by wearing lipstick in all shades from deep scarlet to fire engine red. In short, a lipstick boss.

"For me, because I don’t wear mascara (the girl has lashes to die for... damn those beautiful Persian genes) and I wear neutral colours, I always feel that when I wear lippy I look instantly made up. It just finished off a classic outfit perfectly."


She may be my sister, but Lauren and I have always had wildly individual senses of style. Next to my younger tomboy self, Loz was the ultimate girly girl, adorning herself in dresses in all shades pretty and pink. As I grew out of my inner tomboy, Lauren’s feminine fashion has stayed with her through the years, and she is currently the proud owner of an unimaginable number of the loveliest dresses and skirts you ever did see. Her girly style extends to her makeup, and primarily her lips; she is rarely seen without a shade of bubblegum pink, vivid orange, or pleasing purple on her pout. Pretty as a picture!

"I love to wear a bright lipstick because I feel more confident. I think your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so I like to accentuate mine and make it more memorable."

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