Sentimental Jewellery

When I think of family heirlooms and objects that hold the most meaning, more often than not I think of jewellery. More than clothes, more than paintings, more than books or even photos, those special items that are handed down from one generation to the other are often items of jewellery

Beyond these items too – the ones with a history – there is something about jewellery that speaks to our emotional sides. It’s why we use rings to signify the strongest commitment we can make to someone; it’s why as children we exchange friendship bracelets or matching necklaces as the ultimate sign of our bonds.

In honour of sentimental jewellery, I wanted to share with you the most special piece in my possession... or rather, shared possession with my sister. This is a locket that belonged to my grandmother, and was given to me by my Dad a couple of years ago before moving to London.

It has her initials, EC, on the front, and my granddad’s initials, JSC, on the back. Because she always wore the side with his initials against her chest, the metal here is worn down, which I kind of love. Inside, it has two photographs: one of the two of them together when they were young, and one of just my granddad, looking dapper as hell.

I obviously never knew my grandparents like this, I knew them very little at all actually, and haven’t seen many photos of them from their younger days, so this locket is such a special thing to have. It also appeals to my overactive imagination, making me think of all the times my grandma would have worn it, the possible scenarios in which she first got it, and how often she may have opened it up to look at these photos. It’s a beautiful thing to have. I think most women have their favourite piece of jewellery, or that one thing they never ever take off. This is mine... what's yours?

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