Summer Colours of Southern France

The lavender fields here are something I have dreamed of seeing firsthand since I first became aware of them, so to walk through them at last was definitely a tick on the old bucket list for me (one down, 26,147 to go). But there was so much more spell-binding colour in this region that I hadn’t known to expect, and it’s safe to say the overall experience was pretty damn breath-taking.

From rows upon rows of silver-green olive trees, to endless fields of golden wheat; from startling yellow masses of sunflowers, to the deliciously rich ochre buildings that held the heat from the day’s sun long after it had dipped below the horizon.

I know it’s been said by a thousand people before me, and will be echoed by a thousand more after me, but there is something indescribably beautiful about the south of France in the summertime. There is a quality to the light here that you just don’t come across anywhere else – like gold turned liquid and drizzled over everything you see.

It was not easy to leave this light behind and head back to Britain which, despite its best attempts at summer, I knew would not offer the same warm atmosphere I found in Aix. I did manage to squeeze in one last trip to the local markets before dragging myself home, and it’s as if it was putting on one final spectacle of colour so I might get my fix before leaving... ALL OF THE COLOURS! Take me back...

OK, even I can admit, my travel may be starting to err on the side of excessive. I’ve already been to the south of France once this year, but I’ve now taken that count up to two, with a girls’ trip to Aix-en-Provence this past weekend.

If you read my post about the French Riviera a couple of months back, you’ll know how much of an impression the crystal clear and unimaginably vivid blue water made on me. As it turns out though, colours of an equally impressive, even somewhat more magical nature, can be found inland in the famous Provence region.

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