London's Best Chocolate Stop

If you didn't know, July 7th is World Chocolate Day. Rejoice. I took it upon myself to visit what I consider the best chocolate stop in my corner of the world (you know, for the blog) and take some photos of their glorious chocolate offerings. Dal Said 1923 is an Italian chocolate manufacturer established in Rome. In addition to their flagship store-come-cafe in the eternal city, there is one other cafe in London's Soho, just around the corner from iconic Carnaby Street. From chocolate truffles and world-class brownies to chocolate-smothered crêpes, undoubtedly my favourite of their drool-worthy offerings is their chocolate-adorned coffee. JUST LOOK.

For anyone not from Italy, a hot chocolate usually means literally hot chocolate milk with foam. Makes sense, no? If you've ever been to Italy and ordered a cioccolato caldo though, you would likely have been as taken aback as I was when you were presented with pure chocolate melted and poured into a cup. It's a lot. I mean, it's delicious, but it is literally a mug of chocolate. At dal Said, you can find this Italian-style hot chocolate in the heart of London, if you so fancy it. For those of you who love a little melted chocolate but can't quite handle a full mug of the stuff, I highly recommend the coffee version, which gives you a taste of the Italian style drink while mixing it with what they do best... coffee. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Suffice to say, it's a must for chocolate lovers visiting or living in London, or Rome for that matter! Happy Chocolate Day everyone... go treat yourself!