Pastel Skirts for Summer

FINALLY the dreaded winter that seemed to drag on and on this year is over, and summer is upon us (can I get a hallelujah). London is sweltering, the sun is out and that means it's time to air out or re-stock our summer wardrobes... if we must.

Anyone who's ever lived in London will know that wearing jeans on the Underground in the summer months is pretty much a one way ticket to hell... I learnt that the hard way. In a bid to avoid fainting on the tube, I'm embracing skirts this summer. And, because it's me and I love pastels (as you may be able to tell by my Instagram page) I'm embracing pastel colours too. Here are the three skirts that will be pretty much all you see me in this summer...

N.B. Biiiiigggg love to my amazing London cousin Lisa Gilby, photographer extraordinaire, who took the below snaps for me, despite my incessant giggling and fumbling and everything else annoying. Check out some of her amazing work at her website, and if you're London-based and ever need some portraits, she's your girl.


You know how sometimes you just see something on the rack that sings your name? This skirt did just that for me when I saw it in one of Amsterdam's many beautiful boutiques while on a girl's weekend earlier this year, We Are Labels. I almost left without buying it, and was already having a major case of regret as I headed for the door, and this was all before I tried it on. Once I went back and did that, there was no turning back... a few choice compliments from my girlfriends may have helped too! I refer to this as the skirt of dreams ("and it was, it really was." Sorry - just heard Rose's voice in my head and needed to have a little Titanic moment). The material never crinkles no matter how long this is stuffed in a suitcase, it is light and breezy and the colour is to die for. This is, quite possibly, my favourite item of clothing I have ever bought myself.


When preparing for my recent trip to Morocco, everything I read advised that out of respect, female tourists should cover up, ideally wearing long skirts and covering shoulders. Given the expected heat, I went on the hunt for a lightweight, simple maxi skirt. I could not believe how hard it was to find one... almost every one I found in high street stores had double splits - one on each side - up to about mid thigh. Hardly what I would call covering up in a conservative country! I shopped around endlessly, going online and despairing when my usual trusted favourites (I'm looking at you, ASOS) didn't pull through. At last I found this pale purple delight from Forever 21 and it's been worn to death already, I absolutely love it. Curiously, so did several of the Moroccan market tailors, who stopped me to comment on the skirt. Win!


There are some items in your closet you just don't appreciate... they may not appeal to your current sense of style, they may seem old-fashioned or boring or too loud. This is an example of why you should hang onto those items. I have lots of them, and this cotton bubblegum pink skirt is one. For any Kiwis out there, your jaw may drop when you hear this skirt is from D.E.K.A. For any non-Kiwis out there, D.E.K.A was a chain store in New Zealand that was everything to us in the 90s. It closed the doors of its last store in 2001. Yeah, 2001 as in 16 years ago. This skirt, which I'm pretty sure originally belonged to my sister, went to the back of my draws and didn't see the light of day for a loooong time. It's one of those things I thank god I never threw out, because I rediscovered this 90s gem recently and have fallen in love with it all over again. Everything in fashion comes around, right?!

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