3 Screen Re-boots that have me Excited

I’m a film and TV geek... always have been. With this comes a certain protectiveness over the classics, and disdain for re-makes, re-boots, sequels, prequels and all the rest. Case in point, Dirty Dancing, which is the latest much-loved movie to get an unwarranted do-over… We do not need another one! I don’t believe anything can be added to the magic of the original, I don’t think anyone is particularly crying out for a re-make which means it is just a way for movie bosses to make more money, and HELLO you will never, ever top the Jennifer Grey/Patrick Swayze combo of dreams. Sigh.

That being said, the dislike of re-makes isn’t a blanket rule… there are exceptions. Just look at Disney re-make of Beauty and the Beast this year. Fan-bloody-tastic, and proves they can work, when done right. Here are three re-boots soon to hit our screens which have me pretty darn excited, and the reasons why…

1. Blade Runner 2049

When I heard they were doing a follow-up to what is one of the (subjectively speaking) best Sci-Fi films ever made, my immediate reaction was not dissimilar to how I feel about the aforementioned Dirty Dancing re-make; eyes were rolled, huffs were puffed. My curiosity peaked however when I learnt Ryan Gosling had been cast in the lead; an actor who historically makes phenomenal career choices. It peaked a little more when I learnt original leading man Harrison Ford and director Ridley Scott were on board, meaning – one would hope – that it is in good hands. My curiosity transformed into full-blown eager anticipation after watching the trailer… check it out yourself here. Out in October this year, I can’t wait.

2. Carmen San Diego

Back when I was in my single digits and computers were something more of a novelty than they are now, my sister and I frequented some sort of school holiday program which included days spent playing educational computer games. Games included Lemmings (bless them), Zoombinis, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. I know she was the villain, but I loved her… to this day I still think of her whenever I see a red trench coat or fedora. You can imagine my delight when I learnt this beloved character of my childhood is being revived by Netflix for a 20-part series, then (I'm choosing to ignore the fact it's being made for children). The animated series – not due out until 2019, boo! – will not just follow her around as she steals national treasures, but offer a look into her past and what led her to become a thief. I cannot wait. Let’s just hope they tone down the shoulder pads a bit this time, hey?

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

Let’s be honest, a lot of franchises just don’t know where to stop, and pretty quickly, what started as a beautifully original idea turns into a money-making machine that looses any semblance of integrity, or the originality it once possessed. The Fast & the Furious, anyone? Shrek also comes to mind. And yes, Pirates of the Caribbean is one such culprit… not even Penelope Cruz could save the fourth installment, and THAT is saying something. Now, six years since that disaster came out, they’re at it again, with Dead Men Tell No Tales hitting cinemas next month. While it could go the same as the last, something tells me this one is going to be different. Original cast members, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are involved here, and it sees Cruz’s husband Javier Bardem fill the role of the mega-villain. This is a man who NAILS the evil roles… think his Oscar-winning performance in No Country for Old Men (2008) and more recently his exceptional performance as a Bond villain in Skyfall (2012). Early reviews for this film are very promising, and if the critics aren’t saying bad things about a film we all expected to be torn to shreds, that’s got to be good, right? Check out the trailer here – full of fabulousness reminiscent of the original. My fingers are crossed!

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