So, I got a Fedora...

The challenge to make myself into a miraculously more stylish being continues. The jury is still out on whether it’s having any effect, but nonetheless, I persist in my endeavours.

The sun has started to make an appearance in London of late – albeit a weak one – and I thought it was only fitting as we come into spring to get myself a hat. After all, we Kiwis are brought up having the 3-step doctrine of sun safety drilled into us every day of every summer:

  • SLIP! (on a shirt)

  • SLOP! (on some sunscreen)

  • SLAP! (on a hat)

On the latter of these 3 mandates, rather than invest in something similar to the fluorescent nylon cap with the little neck-flap I had in childhood summers (thanks for that treat Mum), I decided to opt for something that placed style a little more front and centre.

Fedoras... they’re great when worn right; pretentious and foolish should you get them wrong. I am constantly in awe of girls I see in London (it really is a great city for fashion pervs such as myself) who wear them with wild success, and look absolutely effortless while basking in their style victories.

One such London style maven is the stunning Miss Lauren Rae who I’m lucky enough to call a friend. This girl manages to wear loud 80's jumpers, platform sandals, or hacked-up oversized denim jackets and somehow comes out looking like a Fashion Goddess – how she does it is beyond me. Fedoras are, like everything, a thing she does extremely well. Look here...

(And check out her drool-worthy Instagram account or website for other such glorious photos)

Photo credit to Israel Peters

It was this effortlessly-stylish vibe that was the essence of my aim in moving into Fedora territory myself. However, it was simultaneously a vision I suspected was a bit out of my reach (neck-flap cap past, remember). But, with the challenge I set myself last October firmly in mind, I hit the shops and picked out a simple black fedora; risky style, not so risky colour. Baby steps guys, come on.

Behold below the results. I also donned the hat while on holiday in Nice recently, and it certainly makes for a better silhouette in holidays snaps, as you can see. Oh, Jesse found he rather likes it too. London is certainly taking its toll on him; the beard, the fedora, the craft beer obsession... what next?!

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