A must-see for any traveller

I remember how I used to pass hours when I was little, flicking through my mother’s old copies of National Geographic and just marvelling at the extremities of culture in the far reaches of the globe. Little me, who had been introduced to so small a section of the world, couldn’t fathom the images I saw; they seemed like magic.

At 26 years old, they still do. It is my ultimate dream to be a travel writer, lucky enough to go and see and experience not only faraway places, but the people who inhabit them; to use my words and photographs so that some other person may be able to experience them from a distance, and find in them the magic that I once did in the pages of my mum’s magazines. It’s this dream which keeps me constantly travelling, wherever and whenever I can... there’s so much world to see.

Are you an avid traveller too? Constantly suffering from itchy feet and a near empty bank account due to never resisting the temptation to explore more? Or, maybe you’re an aspiring traveller, filled with curiosity and a desire to see more of the world you have seen only through photos so far? Maybe you’re neither an active nor an aspiring traveller, and have never thought much about the world beyond the part of it you belong to.

Whoever you are, however much you have travelled, or have a desire to travel – even if that’s not at all – I have a show recommendation.

Tales by Light is a 6-part Netflix documentary which follows intrepid photographers with a taste for adventure, as they travel to the planet's remotest corners to capture images that amaze, inform and inspire. It is beautiful, it is eye-opening, and it is 100% worth your time.

For any of us that admire or obsessively follow various Instagram accounts, or maybe watch nature documentaries and wonder how they manage to capture the scenes they do, it sheds amazing light on the process of doing just this. It makes me want to be a better photographer, something I am constantly striving towards.

I ask at least that you watch the trailer below, and tell me this does not instil in you a yearning to see get out there a little bit! The world awaits...

(P.S. I'd love you to check out my own Instagram account where I share the majority of my travel pics... nothing on the guys in this show, but that doesn't mean I’ll ever stop trying to improve!)

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