Pretty in Pink (Court Shoes)

Spring is here and London is in the pink! Blossoms in all shades of the rosy hue are popping up across the city, and I thought it was only fitting to join in welcoming the pretty season. And really, what better way to do this than through fashion? (Hint: there is no better way).

Granted, I took a some time off from my vow to buy myself something new and nice each month; the whole Christmas/New Year period is just so gosh darn expensive! I'm back on track though with my mission to enhance my wardrobe, and rather than buying myself clothing this time round, I focused on shoes. It could have something to do with currently being up to my elbows in Sex and the City which I'm currently re-watching from start to finish. The shoes in that show are just...

I'm not usually a big advocate of pink in the wardrobe - not my wardrobe anyway - but the beautiful thing about footwear is you can make bolder and more uncharacteristic choices without it being overwhelming... it's a chance for those of us less adventurous in our fashion choices to get a little crazy. Most people would disagree that these shoes are crazy, but for a girl who has only ever owned black, tan or grey heels (again, see my first post on this topic to appreciate my history of uninspiring fashion choices), I feel I'm taking strides. I love these shoes too because they are so versatile - they can easily be worn casually with jeans and a tee, or dressed up for a night out. I've also never been a fan of the pointy toe style, but I found myself eyeing up only this design when out shopping... what has got into me?! Maybe the whole pushing myself to look at new things is genuinely making a difference?

Stay tuned for next month's new purchase!

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