Take me back to the Med, take me back to Corfu

It’s the middle of January, last week we had Blue Monday and the inauguration of the world’s biggest tosspot as leader of the free world, and I’m starting to feel it’s all a little bit too much doom and gloom. Add to this the fact that my skin has forgotten what sun feels like, and the constant snaps of glorious Kiwi summer on my social feeds... things have been better.

So, what does one do when submerged in a very cold, foggy London winter, where sun and warmth seem but a distant memory? Answer: a little escapism, naturally. My memory – and serious photo stash – is transporting me back to my summer holiday of dreams last year, to the Greek Island of Corfu.

Usually I’m the kind of traveller who is drawn to places that beg to be explored; places full of history and culture and attractions. For the first time last year, both Jesse and I found ourselves wanting something a little more cliché, a la British tourists everywhere (are we slowly morphing into Brits?!) We just wanted to go some place where sun and sand were guaranteed... the kind of sun you literally feel seeping into your skin and warming your soul. The kind of sun that takes forever to set, and whose warmth lingers longer after it has. We both missed it, so we went and found it.

Anywhere in the Mediterranean is a pretty safe bet to deliver on the sun and sea-shores front, so we had a look around and opted for Greece, a country neither of us had been to but both wanted to visit.

Corfu is a relatively large island that lies just off the Northwest coast of Greece in the warm Ionian Sea. It is not one of the smaller islands which make up the cluster generally referred to as the Greek Islands (think Santorini, Mykonos etc.) but rather a large island made up of jagged, lush green hills full of olive farms, sassy goats and a million or so cats (I was just fine... for those of you that don’t know, cat lady right here *throws hand in the air proudly*). It is also home to countless beautiful bays that vary between the crumbling rock which makes this place so unmistakably the Mediterranean, and soft white sand with crystal clear blue water. In short, this place is a gem.

Lush, ragged coastline as far as the eye can see. Corfu is full of beaches that can only be reached by boat.

Sunsets in the Med are something else... the golden light here just can't be compared

No filter, no edits... the water just does that here.

Crystal blue water all the way to Albania, which you can see in the distance.

Getting dinner ready...

All the Greek food staples, bought from the local corner shop and costing us pennies. I mean, you could convince me to stay...

Chilling in an ancient Greek amphitheatre (OK, we did the odd history site... I can't help it)

Just when I thought I couldn't love this place more, the Hotel we stayed in had minuscule ginger kitten twins who would jump onto my lap and squeak at me. Eeeeeee!

In case you need a reference of just how mini we're talking here...

That colossal bottle of white wine Jesse's got there? Three euros...

On our last evening, we went out onto the (rather shaky) fisherman's wharf to watch the sun set and drink our huge bottle of wine, only to have a pod of passing dolphins put on a show for us. This is the only photo I have, but pictures could never quite capture the magic of that evening

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