Boys who Longbottomed, hard

I just heard how wrong that may sound to some ears, but let’s hush that weird side of our mind for a second and focus on the facts, shall we?

OK, so there’s a chance I made that up. All I could find online as a definition of the word, is the origin of the actual surname... I did always wonder. For those of you that did the same, it refers to a family/line that lived in the bottom of a long valley in Yorkshire. Every day is a school day...

But you get my point, right? Matthew Lewis, the actor who portrayed Neville in the much beloved Harry Potter films was suitably cast as the chubby, awkward, toothy character very well at the time, no doubt. But in case you missed it when this blew up on social media back in 2015, he surprised the world after posing in a photo shoot for Attitude magazine sans shirt. Holy Hottie, Batman! The boy got hot. People weren’t ready for it, remembering Matthew still and always as that awkward chubby kid from Harry Potter, and even J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to express her shock. Once the initial ‘Oh. My. God.’ factor wore off though, the world rejoiced, and the term “to Longbottom” became an integral part of our colloquial vocabulary.

I found myself using the term a lot this past week having seen not only the pictures, but swoon-worthy footage of Dev Patel at the Golden Globes. Before Dev became a household face as the Slumdog Millionaire guy, he was on my screen every week as the terribly awkward but extremely lovable character of Anwar in British teen drama, Skins (2007 – 2009). I still think of him as he was then, and am struggling to accept that this beautiful specimen of man is the same person. He done Longbottomed.

It’s not that either of these guys were bad looking youngsters – not at all – they’re just not faces we ever could have imagined would blossom into the 50 shades of handsome that they now are. Because transformations like these bring such widespread joy, and because I’m just a bit pathetic and have far too much time on my hands, I pulled together a couple of similar examples to brighten up your day. Have a gander and enjoy...

Nicholas Hoult

Who would have thought that super funny-looking kid from the 2002 Hugh Grant flick About a Boy would end up this beautiful?! Not I.

Zac Efron

This guy is widely considered one of the ultimate Hollywood hunks at this stage, but that hasn't always been the case. Pre his High School Musical days, Zac wasn't someone you would have predicted would one day garner worldwide hunk status!

Alfie Enoch

Another one who grew up on screens as part of the Harry Potter franchise, Alfie Enoch played Dean Thomas. He was a cute kid, sure, but my God, look at him now, and tell me that is not among the most beautiful faces you have ever beheld. (He's fluent in Portuguese too... be still, my beating heart.)

Prince Harry

There was a time - a long time at that - when Prince Harry was overshadowed by his older brother who was considered the seriously attractive Prince, and Harry wasn't exactly someone girls worldwide were plastering over their walls. Nowadays though, it's Harry who is making us swoon, and is generally thought of as the world's most attractive ginger man. Here, here!

Liam Hemsworth

The Aussie actor, who is now a major Hollywood heavyweight, wasn't always such a dreamboat... just look at this photo of Liam during his high school years - yikes! I'm not sure what he thought the bleached blonde look was doing for him but hey, the world forgives us all for what we thought looked good as a 14 year old (thank God).


I know this is lame, but I just had to share the below with all of you... with Jesse's blessing! Obviously I have only ever known Jesse as he looks today, as an adult, and I've always thought he was all kinds of babe, so imagine my surprise (or rather, imagine how much pain I was in from laughing) when I came across this picture of Jesse as a young teen in his high school uniform. The white man's 'fro is just too much!

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