Three Beauty Tricks to Make your Features Go Pop

Anyone that knows me knows I am not a massive makeup user... I tend to keep things pretty basic and even like going completely bare some days, just to let my skin breathe. I do nonetheless have an everyday regime for work and weekends which consists of the bare basics; foundation and mascara (as per above left).

In the mornings, especially in the winter when my face is devoid of the glow which is such a blessing during the summer, I feel like a little help from The Makeup Gods doesn’t go amiss. For anyone out there that feels the same and isn’t averse to a little brightening, allow me to share three wee tricks I use on the daily to help subtly but beautifully brighten my face and enhance my features; cheeks, eyes and lips, they've got me covered!

P.S. I made a thing, so for any of you who prefer videos over words/photos, scroll down and check it out!

STEP ONE: Use a blush with a metallic sheen

It doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but blush is a game changer. The difference it makes to a face is pretty major; it gives a burst of healthy colour to an otherwise blank canvas and makes your whole face go pop. Add a metallic sheen to your blush and you increase its impact tenfold, as it catches light that hits your cheeks and reflects it back, making you look almost as if your glowing. As someone who is not very savvy in the makeup world, I am endlessly grateful for friends who are. One such friend who knows a thing or three about makeup, a @littlemisssunshine (A.K.A Irene), took pity on my cluelessness and pointed me in the direction of one of the best products I have ever bought – NARS blush in shade 'Orgasm' (not quite as good as the real deal but not far off.)

Step Two: Apply white shimmer to the inside corners of eye

You just know that any makeup trick used for The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is bound to be one worth knowing, so once I learnt about this wee trick, I never looked back. Use a shimmery white eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes to make them seriously stand out. This one simple step instantly brightens my face in the mornings and makes me look infinitely more awake than I actually feel. Again the shimmer catches light, opening your eyes right up. Not only used by the world's most beautiful supermodels, this is a favourite beauty trick of one of my idols Blake Lively who, let’s be honest, could be a Victoria’s Secret model if she wanted to! Thank you Makeup Gods for white shimmer.

STEP THREE: Blend Lip Liner for Fuller Lips and an Enhanced Smile

I discovered this little gem quite by accident, and it is now my go-to trick if I’m in a rush and only have time for one! Having been experimenting with some rather wild purple lipstick on loan from my sister, I applied a slightly darker purple liner first. Upon wiping the lipstick off, the liner remained, albeit a bit smudged in. It left me with a subtle but impactful trace of colour around my mouth which I knew must be doing something for me when Jesse commented that I looked “different somehow, but really nice” when he came in the door. It does surprisingly make a difference, and just adds a bit of pop to your pout. I recommend getting a dark-ish colour, applying it just outside your natural lip line, and blending it inwards with the best beauty tool - your fingertips! - for a natural look. Loving it!

And here's the video... sorry about all the awkward.

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