Upping my Wardrobe Game: Part 2

Early November and London is officially cold. I feel like these last few days have been colder than the very coldest days we felt last winter... apparently it is down to some Arctic winds which are heading our way. Whatever, I’m embracing it.

Cold weather means mulled wine drunk fireside in cosy pubs, fairy lights being hung on the streets of Soho, lighting my walk from the office to Piccadilly tube station each evening, and leggings and woolly socks on the couch as I settle down to watch another episode of Sex and the City (the show I’m currently re-watching from start to finish – joy).

Most importantly though, the colder weather means the much-adored winter wardrobe re-surfaces... the layers, the boots, the multitude of scarves and beanies, and my favourite; the winter coats.

If you read my blog post a month ago, you’ll be aware that I’m currently on a bit of a personal mission to up my wardrobe game... my current selection of basic clothing isn’t exactly what you’d call inspiring, and this includes my current beige and black winter coat, much as I love it. I’ve been playing on buying a new coat this season for some time, and unsurprisingly found myself focusing on the plethora of grey and black options which have recently hit the stores.

In a bid to stick to my word and keep things decidedly more interesting from now on, I only allowed myself to consider options that had some sort of colour to them. After much shopping around online, much deliberation and wavering between options (to the immense amusement of my workmates who had the misfortune of sitting around me as I vocalised every thought I had on the matter) and trying-on in stores, I finally made a purchase of a deliciously snugly wine-coloured coat of dreams.

Reasons I love it:

  1. It is literally the colour of red-wine... just looking down at it makes my mouth water

  2. It feels like - and essentially is - a dressing gown that is socially acceptable to wear out of the house

  3. It has a big floppy collar that I can make stick up when it gets windy... protection from the cold PLUS a strong Elvis vibe. Winning.

It may not be as risqué as my velvet print skirt of last month, but there was only so crazy I was willing to go for something that will be worn as often as this. Baby steps! Stay tuned for next month’s purchase...

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