Great film, awful kiss.

It seems everyone has those few films, those absolute classics and crowd pleasers that you've just never got round to seeing. Given my 'film-buff' status amongst those who know me, there's always a certain element of shock when one of these so-considered classics isn't on my "seen it" list.

One such film which recently came to my flatmate's attention (and horror, I might add) was Footloose. Right? That 80s toe-tapping fun featuring a delightfully fluffy-haired, young Kevin Bacon wearing jeans so high and sneakers so white, you just can't help but love it. Total classic.

Despite genuinely enjoying this film (and agreeing with my flatmate that I'd been missing out), there was one aspect of it that bombed. The very moment at which a film is supposed to make a girl swoon (oh shut up, you know we all do it) made me cringe.

I hate to admit it, but screen kisses are important. Really important. They can turn a film into a pop culture icon. Think Titanic, Gone with the Wind, Lady and the Tramp, From Here to Eternity, Spiderman... you get my gist. Sure, Footloose is still a great film and something of a classic, but that scene is just such a shame - they were doing so well! I think it would have been better if they'd just stuck with the teasing and flirting that was going on (where these actors had real chemistry) rather than include this pretty awkward disaster.

This got me thinking of other films I love that essentially just have crap kissing scenes - such disappointments! I've put a few of my favourite films with awful kisses below. I'd love to know if you agree, or what films you think should be on the list instead!

1. PRETTY IN PINK (1986) - Andie and Blane

Maybe people just kissed awkwardly in the 80s? I love any film with Molly Ringwald as much as the next person, and Pretty in Pink is at the top of the heap, but oh, the kiss! There's a lot of clawing at each other's faces and awkward shoulder-grabbing happening. I suppose it's kind of truthful to what a clueless teenage girl's first kiss is actually like, but it's just not fun to watch.


This scene isn't a disaster by any stretch of the imagination, but that doesn't save it from being one of the biggest disappointments of all time. Note to self: If ever making a film that audiences have literally been waiting a decade to see, don't do what Mike Newell did with one of the most eagerly awaited screen kisses perhaps ever. Not helped by the fact that this kiss was written so perfectly in the book, we don't get any details at all - no romance or passion or feeling of "THANK GOD that finally happened!" Just hidden faces, dull light, a really long shot and overall, a bit of a fail really.

3. BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON (2004) - Bridget and Mark Darcy

I know I'll get hate mail for this one! I truly do love Colin Firth. He was my first ever crush at the age of 5 as I watched the BBC's Pride and Prejudice with my grandma (who loved him equally as much, I believe). But I hate to say it... I've just never bought his screen kisses. Every kiss of his I can think of is just somehow so soulless. I know it's not Renee Zellweger, because her kisses with both Hugh Grant and Jacinda Barrett in this very same film are both more lively than this one. The acting here is great, the dialogue is cute and as ever, Colin Firth's face is just totally charming, but the kiss is such a disappointment - it looks like acting. They just kind of push their faces together and wiggle them. Not nice to watch. Oh Colin...

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