Upping my Wardrobe Game: Part 1

Right, so I have a bit of a situation. As it happens, I work in a company that publishes world-renowned fashion magazines, on arguably one of London’s most fashionable streets – Carnaby – and with that comes a certain level of style by those who work there. It’s just part of the territory. We are talking the fashion super-savvy.

In my team alone we have A) a glamazon from Liverpool who has mastered the smart/elegant businesswoman look to perfection, think fitting yet classy work dresses in all shades of navy and grey with never a strand of her sleek-beyond-your-wildest-dreams hair out of place; B) a French-Canadian stunner who wears cut-off jean shorts over black tights with boots, a black blazer and red lipstick, and somehow comes out looking amazing; and C) a girl who resembles some sort of Persian princess, has a penchant for strappy heels I wouldn’t stand a chance in, and voluminous silky skirts and flowing dresses that are the stuff dreams are made of.

You might say they’ve got the whole women-working-in-magazines-look down. I, on the other hand, not so much. Essentially what it comes down to is sheer laziness. I always sleep in; I never leave myself time to put anything together other than my most basic black trousers, stock-standard blouse, and the scruffy black flats I’ve been meaning to upgrade for about a month now. To make matters worse, I always seem to have fluffy little tufts of hair sticking out around my temples, like alien antennas. It’s not a good scene. I turn up every day looking fine I guess, but boring, bordering on messy. Just kind of OK. Plain, if you will.

A typical work outfit, minus the wispy antennas

The reason this annoys me is I don’t think I am plain. I am always dreaming up outfits and fashion pairings in my head, but when theory comes to practice, I just don’t quite motivate myself. Or rather, when faced with the choice between sleep or really putting myself together in the morning, sleep always, always wins. Because I know this, I don’t even bother buying nice outfits for myself, it’s absurd. It’s taken me long enough, but I’ve decided it’s about time I do something about it. I am going to up my wardrobe game.

So here’s what I am going to do; rather than going out on a shopping spree to give my wardrobe a complete do-over (would, but sadly not made of money), I am going to buy myself one nice, new item of clothing or footwear with each monthly pay. At the beginning of each month I am going to share my new purchase with you all in a hope that documenting the gradual wardrobe makeover on the blog will ensure I stick to my word. Stop my inherent laziness from taking its normal course! Rather than opting for the plain and simple basics I always seem to buy, I am going challenge myself to pick things off the shelf that I wouldn’t usually even look at twice – push the boundaries, surprise myself.

To get us started, and because I was lucky enough to have some birthday money to spend this month (thank you mum!!) I bought two new items... whoop! Wait, if one of those was a pair of boots does that make it three?! Anyway, I made sure to try on things outside my normal comfort zone, and this forest green, floral print velvet pencil skirt definitely falls in that category. I was amazed to find how much I loved it when trying it on, and haven’t had purchase-regret at all, plus I’ve received a bunch of compliments from friends and colleagues alike. This is off to a good start...

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