Cute Bookworm Gift Ideas (Other than just books)

Bookworms... what can I say about us that you don’t already know? Everyone has at least one in their life, and I for one am a self-confessed book-a-holic. It’s a genuine problem. I always tell myself when I walk into a book store or past a book stall at the market that I won’t buy anything, and yet mysteriously, I always walk away with at least one book tucked under my arm. Truly, I don’t know how it happens.

Because books have a habit of accumulating very, very quickly, I've been on the hunt for some things which will satisfy that constant and insatiable need for books around me that don’t require quite the same amount of space, or require constant additions.

I recommend any of the below delights as the next gift you get for your book-loving friend or family member. Brownie points bound to be scored.

Five Year Memory Book

The idea behind this is simple; write one line every day for 5 years. I know what you may be thinking, we can just write a normal old diary, but if you’re anything like me, you write a lot and diaries start to stack up pretty quickly. Or, if you’re like my boyfriend, you don’t write at all, and none of your memories are committed to paper. This book is the perfect middle ground, inviting both types to write no more or less than one line per day.

I still remember the speech Boyhood star Ellar Coltrane made at the 2015 BAFTAs; “Life itself without anything explosive or tragic must be more exciting than we let on, and that’s something we can all be reminded of.” When I think where this book will see me go, the story the pages will tell by the time I'm done with it in 2020, I feel excited and lucky. Compact, beautiful and not-at-all expensive, this lets booklovers tell the story that we should love the most; our own.


I'm pretty sure you can’t go wrong bringing together books and jewellery. If you have a gander online, you’ll soon find that the options for beautiful, quirky and even bespoke literary jewellery are endless – I particularly recommend the internet’s best marketplace Etsy for some fab finds. Books are undoubtedly pretty on shelves (if you haven’t come across Bookshelf Porn yet, I beg you to do so) but book-inspired jewellery takes the beauty off the shelves and allows us to decorate ourselves with our favourite stories, characters and words. Dream. And the best thing about literature-inspired jewellery? It is like a badge of honour, which identifies you at a glance to fellow bookworms – it may even spark some new conversation and friendships.

Let there be light!

Victor Hugo once said, “To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is like a spark.” Truer words have never been spoken, and this lamp is not only an epic portable light source you can take wherever you go, but a beautiful metaphor for the light that books and their stories bring into our lives. I came across this imaginative gift idea when my boss received one for Christmas... the moment she opened what we all thought was a book and the warm golden light flooded out and light up her face from within its pages, I was obsessed! You can find the real deal from Lumio, but for those of us who don’t have a spare $190 to spare (!!) there are plenty of alternatives to be found on Amazon. Let there be light.

The smell of old pages

Everyone loves different smells... for some it’s permanent markers and the smell of gasoline (I never got that...) and for some it’s freshly mown grass and lavender bushes. For me, and for pretty much for any bookworm I'm sure, it’s that comforting smell of old pages that fills libraries, book stores and family homes. Imagine my delight when I learnt this smell had literally been bottled up and made available anywhere, any time. The Library of Fragrance specialises in scents less ordinary; think grass, rain, salt air and fireplace... there’s even a Gin & Tonic scent for goodness sake... genius! Now you can take that delectable book smell wherever you go – I certainly appreciated it when moving into a new house last month, I felt instantly at home.

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