Winter Blues Aren't Always a Bad Thing

It’s easy to let yourself get a little down during the cold season. What with the reminders of just how beautiful New Zealand summer can be bombarding me via social media every ten minutes, I can find the gloomy winter days here in London just a tad depressing.

This seasonal sadness which affects us all is often referred to as the ‘Winter Blues,’ something which never made a lot of sense to me... blue is the colour one noticeably misses during the colder season, as grey prevails. Nonetheless, determined to turn my Winter Blues upide down, I decided to tackle them head on (through fashion, of course) and embrace the colour blue. Any excuse to add new clothes to my wardrobe really...

Wrap Me Up

Let’s be honest, as great as winter fashion can be, nothing is used or appreciated more than the noble scarf in cold weather. While most of us can only afford one or two really good winter coats, which get used over and over, scarves are affordable enough that you can (and I do) buy enough to wrap up a small nation, providing endless variations on the otherwise same old look.

Even better, it is entirely acceptable to lay them over your lap or drape them around your shoulders when you sit down in a cafe or pub; the cosy factor sky-rockets instantly. I also have a tendency to tuck my nose into them and create a little balaclava situation of joy. I love especially warm and woolly ones like this, which serve a blanket-come-pillow for the daily commute. Win!

How Have You Beanie?

To any girl that had not yet been to London, be warned: the wind tunnels in the tube will wreck havoc on your loose hair and squash any hopes you had of a ‘hairstyle’ for the day/night. In this city, beanies will very soon become your best friend. As well as protecting hair from transforming into a full mangled mess, they are also an extremely welcome ally against the cold winter weather. They are more an actual necessity here than a fun fashion statement , but that’s not to say they can’t be damn fashionable too. I love this chunky-knit find from ASOS – you have never felt anything softer in your life. The pom-pom top is pretty cute too.

Jersey Girl As someone with a taste for simple fashion, I can’t stay away from a classic long-sleeved jersey paired with skinny jeans. It’s a staple of my winter wardrobe, and I really love this mottled blue and white knit which somehow reminds me of what old static television screens used to look like... remember those?! Unlike much of my tighter tops, I like jerseys that extra bit baggy; the extra room is welcome when it comes down to snuggle down on the couch to watch a movie or read a book. You know, I’m starting to think I quite like winter after all.

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