If Autumn was an outfit

This is my first autumn in London, and I am walking around like some sort of wide-eyed dweeb. The colours!! The leaves!! I am in love. In Auckland, the seasons aren’t nearly as visible as they are in my new, much colder, home. London has more parks and green spaces than I had realised, which means much more orange and gold at this time of year than I knew to expect.

Surrounded by the glory of autumn, as well as all the pumpkin spice lattes and roasted chestnuts, I am starting to understand why northern hemispherians love this time of year so much. At home, it kind of just marks the sad fact that summer is over and the rain has set in, marking the beginning of a long, wet winter season, devoid of any public holidays or things to look forward to. Here, it marks the beginning of the year end, when all the good things happen. It’s crisp and cold and colourful and glorious. It may just be my new favourite season.

Enamoured as I am, I have gone so far as to incorporating autumn’s beauty into my outfits. I found the most beautiful skirt; a 1960s maxi skirt tucked away in the back of a thrift shop in Glasgow. Thank you thrift shop gods for this mighty gift. It is the epitome of what nature is doing at the moment – a brown and orange floral print skirt, with a few green leaves not yet changed colour. If autumn was an outfit, this would be it.

I love tying in warm brown accessories and gold jewellery, mimicking the colours which are all over the city at the moment. Because I’m a geek (like you didn’t already know), I took some photos for you of me trying to be at one with the beautiful surroundings at the end of my street. Oh autumn, I love you so.

Brown bag and shoes are perfect at this time of year

P.S. Guys, I did my first ever braid crown, and I feel like this is a really big moment...

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