More than just a word

Aw... prepare for some warm and fuzzy feelings.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? They symbolise wealth and extravagance, sure, but at heart they also symbolise romance and love. At least since the most successful ad campaign of all time convinced us so. Well played advertisers, well played.

London-based diamond company Vashi has teamed up with illustrator Emma Block to remind us that at the heart of the world of diamonds, it all comes back to love. Love is a thing universally known, yet forever in search of satisfactory definition. The joy, the sorrow, the overwhelming magnificence that is love in all its forms has often been at the centre of mankind’s enduring works; sonnets, songs, plays and novels have all searched to describe and define love. Cultures in every corner of the globe have used their unique languages in an attempt to encapsulate what it truly is. These drawings bring together some of the best of those words. In so doing, they illustrate the beautiful ability of language and culture to describe the same innate human thing in different ways.

I’ve included my favourites below, but you can check out the full set of aww-inducing drawings and words here.

Untranslatable words from around the world...

Told you they'd give you warm and fuzzies...

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