Fun with Nail Polish Names

Have you ever noticed how gosh-darn-cute nail polish names are? Sometimes cheeky, sometimes obvious, sometimes just friggen’ hilarious, but they almost always make me smile. I often wonder who has the pleasure of thinking up these names. Like, does someone have the sole responsibility of sitting there looking at colours and thinking of witty names for said colours? If so, what a dream job and how do I get it?

I thought it was about time someone pay homage to this mystery worker, and do a little more than just smile at their creations on the side of a bottle I went out and photographed – in the best way I could – some of my favourite names. Are there any great names out there I have missed?

Treasure Chest (Barry M)

Oh, Mr Darcy!

Island Mango

Chantilly Lace

Double Decker Red

Pretty Ballerina

Berries and Cream

Rolling in the Grass



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