Summer Must Haves


Despite London’s best efforts to convince me otherwise these past few days (damn you London weather), summer is in fact upon us, and my joy will not be thwarted!

One way I embrace the supposedly-sunny season is finding and of course buying an array of new beauty products to show my love to summer. A sort of sun-god worship, if you will. Or a makeup worship, I can't quite tell. Below I have rounded up some of my favourites, and I’m giving you the chance to get in on the action! Check out my WIN page before next Wednesday for the chance to try out some of these goodies for yourself.

Miracle Skin Cream (0).jpg

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

I may not be quuiiite at the age of needing anti-ageing skincare yet, but that’s not even what I use this for. Garnier’s skin cream isn’t far off its miraculous name. It has some sort of self-adjusting formula, so although the cream looks white when it comes out of the tube, it manages to adjust to the unique skin tone of each user and blend in like a dream.

Why I love it this summer: When humidity is high and the air is sticky, the last thing you want is thick foundation clogging up your pores, especially in London! This alternative provides really effective coverage, but it leaves skin looking sheer and luminous, and the tone is just right, so no nasty makeup lines along the jaw. I love it.

Miracle Skin Cream (1).JPG

Miracle Skin Cream (2).JPG

Brush On Bronze (0).jpg

I’m usually a mega fan of pink and peachy feminine blushes but in summertime, a bronzer just cannot be beaten. I have always loved The Body Shop products and dare I say, these bronzing beads are my fave. The balls mean you don’t risk loading up your brush too heavily like you can with pressed powder, and you can build colour slowly and steadily, in all the areas where sun naturally hits (i.e. cheekbones, ridge of the nose). Also, they last an absolute age, so you’re set for several years if you buy this baby!

Why I love it this summer: Unless I’m somewhere in the Mediterranean of sub-Saharan Africa, I don’t tan easily. I have that stubbornly pasty skin which, despite my best wishes, just wants to stay white. Brush On Bronze colour is a God-send to me... i actually leaves me looking sunkissed!

Brush on Bronze (1).jpg
Brush on Bronze (2).JPG
Brush on Bronze (3).JPG

Argania Hair Oil (0).jpg

Argania Hair Oil

It took me a while to be OK with the idea of putting oil in my hair, but once I did I LOVED it. All you need is a small amount combed through the lengths of your hair with your fingers. It hydrates and makes hair look oh-so-shiny.

Why I love it this summer: Summer is the season people’s hair naturally lightens from sun exposure, so anything I can do to aid the process of achieving light, beach-babe waves, I’m there!

Argania Hair Oil (1).JPG

Total Effects Moisturiser (0).png

Olay Total Effects Moisturiser

A classic, this is my moisturiser of choice in summer as it is SPF15 as well as a whole load of other good things... anti-ageing, nourishing, firming, pore-refining etc etc. The thing about SPF moisturisers is that they often feel greasy and thick on the skin, which is why this one is so great – the light, creamy texture is fantabulous.

Why I love it this summer: Anything that helps me ward off fine lines as long as I can is a friend of mine!

Total Effects Moisturiser (1).jpg

Cray for Colour Lip Gloss (0).jpg

Australis Cray for Colour Lips

Australis is definitely one of the best brands at giving us bright, fun and flirty colours. This particular product is semi-sheer so it looks shiny on and is also compact so fits into the wallet nicely. Not as though that’s often a problem with my giant handbags. Really must downsize...

Why I love it this summer: Is there anything better than bright lips in summer and with (hopefully) tanned skin? I don't think so either!

Cray for Colour Lip Gloss (1).JPG

Untold Shimmer Powder Brush (0).jpg

Elizabeth Arden Untold Shimmer Powder Brush

This beauty from EA is a double whammy: it is an all over shimmer brush given skin a beautiful golden glow, PLUS it is scented with the beauty house’s divine Untold fragrance.

Why I love it this summer: A super easy-to-apply beauty tool, a quick swipe of the deliciously fluffy brush all over leaves you looks radiant and sparkling under the sun. But not in the bizarre Edward Cullen way, thank goodness.

Untold Shimmer Powder Brush (1).JPG