A Touch of Bronze

It all started with a bracelet. My amazing, talented friend Hannah gave me a hand-made bronze and sterling silver bracelet as a going-away present when I moved to London. Did I mentioned she's amazing and talented? (Check her bracelets and more here).

The original.jpg

Ever since receiving this beauty and just about wearing it to death, I have found myself seeking out beautiful bronze everywhere I go. It's surprisingly tricky to come accross, but I'll settled for bronze-coloured. When it comes to jewellery, it seems to always be a question of silver or gold. Why is this gorgeous shade always left out of the equation? Considered the third best of the three, I'm starting to think bronze may just come in at first place for me.

While I haven't been able to find anything nearly so special or striking as Hannah's gift, I have managed to acquire a few accessories in recent months in all sorts of rosy metallic shades. This is definitely a new favourite of mine, and a great alternative to the same old standard options.

Ring On.PNG

I picked up this beautiful copper ring in my recent trip to Texas. There were all sorts of delicate designs but something about this chunky, rough-cut ring just had me sold.

Necklace On.jpg

You don't have to spend much to get some pretty rose-tinted goodies - I got this necklace at my local supermarket for a grand total of £4.50! This necklace goes great with simple necklines and neutral colours, leaving it to soak up all the glory - something denied to bronze too often.


I'm not sure if eyeshadow can count as an accessory as such, but I couldn't leave this out! This beautifully shiny shade comes from Australis and the name of this particular palette is - get this - Bronzonce. You can't really go wrong with this winning combo, bringing together one of my favourite singers and new favourite colour. It has a great mousse consistency meaning it clings to your eyelid and doesn't leave you looking like a hot mess by the end of the night. An alternative to the messy smoky eye, horray! Apparently metallic browns are the best eye makeup colours for us blue-eyed gals too, woo hoo!

Hair Tube On.jpg
Hair Tube.JPG

There's something very Khaleesi-esque about this copper hair tube... so naturally, I love it. I have seen people do awesome styles with these - I'm still mastering just getting my hair actually through the thing first, but I'm looking forward to experimenting! Actually, I need to work on getting my braid in the centre too... just look at that lopsided catastrophe. Check out online stores like Etsy for this one.


I found some absolutely gorgeous purses and handbags out there - bronze seems to be popular in the fashion arm-candy department. Sadly, the majority of them were far beyond my price range (sob) but I can always rely on trusty 'ole Primark for a cheap and cheerful equivalent. I'm also loving my new watch too - with just a touch of bronze around the face and buckles, it looks très pretty when paired with white.

Ring and Necklace_Fotor.jpg

I kind of love the contrast of this strong, chunky ring with such a delicate chain. Despite my best efforts, I have simple tastes, and this thin spider-web bronze necklace was just screaming my name. Great everyday jewellery.

P.S. I would like it mentioned that I am in fact wearing a top in the above photos, although the contrary may appear true. I thought it would be nice to let the accessories speak for themselves, but regretted the decision upon going through photos and realising it looks like I've conducted some sort of nude shoot. Sorry guys! x

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