Luckenbach, Texas's Tiniest Town

This weekend I returned from a week-long trip to Texas. Any time I told anyone where I was off to, they'd give me the funniest look and ask why on earth I was going there. Granted, it does seem random. My boyfriend's parents have been living in Texas for a few years and this was my last chance to go and see their life there before they head home to New Zealand. So, not that random after all. Then again, when you think of going to spend a week in the States, this probably wouldn't be most people's state of choice.

Heading to Texas, I was filled with curiosity. I know the superficial stuff, the kind of basic facts you may know about any number of places, but facts that don't really mean anything. It was always going to be an eye-opening experience... the best kind. I learnt that Texas doesn’t look like a desert, but it can be green. Really green. I learnt that it is home to the most beautiful wild flowers you ever did see. I learnt about the incredible history of the State from being part of Mexico, then the Republic of Texas, before becoming the 28th state to join the United States of America. I learnt that John Wayne and Johnny Cash are kings here. I learnt that when you thank someone, instead of saying “you’re welcome” they just go “mmm hmm” as if whatever they just did for you is nothing but absolutely normal. I learnt the people are among the most hospitable I have ever met and everyone really does call you ma'am. Love it.

My week was filled with so many amazing experiences. And one not so amazing... it involves tooth trouble, a horrendously swollen/painful cheek and a dentist that I couldn’t afford. But let’s not focus on that.

One of the most beautiful experiences was visiting one of the world’s tiniest towens. Historic Luckenbach boasts a population of three (that’s not including the cat) and contains a building that serves as a shop, bar, entertainment stage, post office and adorable photo stop. There’s also a dance hall, a beer saloon, a fire pit, a beautiful bayou and some of the most magical trees I have ever sat under. This is a pretty special place, to say the least. I don't know if any of you have that romantic notion of the South with the droopy trees and old houses and hot summer days where the breeze is warm on your skin. Just me? I don't know what did it; no doubt a combination of films and books, but this is the kind of town that makes you feel like you have stepped directly into that vision, and it couldn't be prettier. If you ever find yourself in Texas, my biggest recommendation would be this: make sure you get out of the cities to see the country life this state is famous for. You won’t regret it.

The below photo was taken literally as we had stepped out of the car at Luckenbach. I whipped my camera out and got very trigger happy. Below are some of my favourite shots of this tiny town in all its charm. The trees... just look at the trees!


The Texan flag flies proudly beneath the American flag.



Have you ever seen a cuter porch? Picture perfect.



As well as being full of memorabilia of the state and its icons, there was a cat conked out on the bar which just made the place even better.


Luckenbach's bar staff who humbly agreed to a photo, but not unless they could cross their arms.


A teeny tiny Texan flag for a teen tiny Texan town






The fire pit, "a place for friends to gather."


This guy made me realise a newfound love for country music.


The town is situated alongside the idyllic South Grape Creek.



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