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Ombré Nails - Simple How To Video

March 31, 2015

I recently tried out ombré nails for the first time… something I have always admired on others but never got round/felt up to trying myself. I was genuinely surprised at how simple the process was, and I was so happy with the final result… especially for my first time! Check out the pic below (you may recognise it from my Winter Nails post a little while back).


 My first attempt for my Winter Nails post


 This time round... I try out pink!


I’ve done it a bit more since then, and really love it. It is not a tricky process - I think anyone could do it – but it looks really neat, and I have no failed to get comments whenever I have these gradient coloured nails. I really recommend giving it a go, it’s such fun to wear and to experiment with different colours, so don’t be shy!


I did a simple How To video on my process, with a couple of tips for you to try. I’d love to know what you think of the end result! Check out the video above x



 A behind-the-scenes glance at the filming process! Towel on a chair... pretty professional hey!


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