M.A.C. Russian Red lippy - love it!

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Saving money is hard when there is just so much makeup in the world wanting you to buy it. Seriously, if I had large amounts of money I would spend far too much on the stuff... I just can't stop myself. Oh wait, I only have small amounts of money and yet still I spend far too much of it on the stuff. Ooops.


My latest purchase and one that I am currently in love with is this classic Russian Red lippy from the ever-incredible M.A.C. cosmetics. This shade is the most beautiful tone of red - a deep, seductive scarlett colour that is absolutely timeless. This is the kind of colour you see women wearing in the fashion pages throughout history. It is a colour that never goes out of style and I think that's because it is truly just that gorgeous. It suits any skin tone, so we can all enjoy it - yay!

I've given the video blog thing another go. I think I'm pretty awkward, but this is better than the last so we are getting somewhere! And just like the blog, it's really fun and I enjoy doing it so why not? Note to self: don't babble on so much... must get my videos shorter!

I'd love to hear any feedback, good or bad, be it on the lipstick itself, my video skills (or lack there of) or anything else you think I should give a try. Because let's face it... I can pretend I'm not going to keep spending money on makeup, but I ain't fooling no one.

I hope you like it! x

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