Sicilian Style with Corin Accessories

When I was 16 I moved from a humble suburb in Auckland to an almost ridiculously glamorous and picturesque town in Sicily. Taormina is an ancient seaside town that delivers everything foreigners dream the Mediterranean will be. As an awkward, relatively sheltered teenager, I was gobsmacked by the elegant lifestyle of such a place. I felt like Ryan in TV show The O.C... coming from the hood (ha, well not quite), moving in with a family in one of the most amazing, shiny towns you could imagine. I kept waiting for people to ask me what the hell I was doing there, and to go home. Luckily, no one did, so I stayed for a whole year and loved every second of it... naturally.

Maybe it’s that amazed and dazed 16 year old girl who still lurks beneath the surface, but I have a lasting fascination and love for the glamour of Taormina. The scenery is amazing, the houses are beautiful, and the people are gorgeous. Italians just have a way of presenting themselves that no one else can quite manage. The effort and care they put into fashion and the results they render are world famous... need I mention any of the multitude of famed fashion houses the country has given us? One emerging accessories brand direct from Taormina epitomises the style I remember so fondly.


Corin Accessories is a collection of beautifully designed, handmade pieces from Sicilian designer Corinne Pinto. Everything in the collection is made from scratch by this one-(wo)man-band, who shared her inspiration with me.

"One day I went into this shop which sells these cords for curtains and

upholstery. Because I liked them so much I decided to make accessories

in this style."

It's not hard to see the vision in her designs. We're not talking the kind of curtains and upholstery you can expect to find at Grandma's place... think luxurious, silky, elegant, expensive... this is the glamorous taste of the world I got a glimpse into, and this is what Corin Accessories master. These are statement pieces, Taormina style. The kind of jewellery you would see embellishing the tall, beautiful women of this Sicilian town, and the kind we can now get too!


Starting with earrings, the designer moved onto necklaces and eventually bags. It just keeps getting better!

Have a look at the Corin Accessories website here, and check out her Instagram account @corinnepinto to keep up to date and get some style inspiration! I've included some of my fave snaps below. Ah, the art of accessorising! Much love for this brand - can't wait to get me a piece! The lavish, shiny material used is so gorgeous, paired with gemstones it just nails the Sicilian elegance I miss so much. I think it's time for another visit....


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