4 Instamodels Worth Following

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular social media platform. With lots of people departing form the more convoluted format of Facebook, instead investing more time and effort into the simple yet brilliant photo-sharing app, the pleasure users get out of it is greater too. One of its most attractive draw cards is the ease of access into the personal lives of celebrities. We can keep up with the day to day happenings of our favourite singers, actors, athletes and models. Happenings that were previously as unknown to us as the original purpose of Stonehenge. As sad as it may be that we care, we can't help but follow out of pure intrigue (oh, let's be honest... a little life-envy too) the previously private lives of our favourite famous faces. Even better, we discover new individuals, groups and brands. Below are four models who I have started following in the past year. Four women whose accounts I think are worth a look, and why. Go on... you know you want to!

Who: Jeneil Williams Account name: @jeneilwilliams Followers: 15.5K

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Why you should follow her: Whether she is posting pics of her latest editorial shoot, catwalk look or TV commercial, this fierce Jamaican beauty is straight up stunning, and her pics are beautiful to look at. On top of that, the girl is seriously athletic, and having a constant feed of her toned stomach and awesome workout gear is enough to motivate the laziest of girls (a.k.a yours truly).

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Who: Kendall Jenner Account name: @kendalljenner Followers: 18.7M

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Why you should follow her: Depending on your feelings towards the Kardashain Klan, you may either love or hate this girl (that's right, she's Kim K's younger sis), but there's no doubting that she's a model to watch in 2015. She has just been named the new face of esteemed fashion house Estée Lauder, British GQ mag's coolest woman, is the latest of the world's top supermodels to appear in Mario Testino's "Towel Series" and you can't go on the Vogue website at the moment without seeing her face all over the place. Her instagram account is slowly turning from try-hard selfie (like many of her sisters. Then again, Kim is soon releasing a book called "Selfish" with hundreds of pictures of her favourite selfies. Gawd.) to high-fashion goddess, and I get the feeling it's going to keep getting better.

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Who: Liu Wen Account name: @liuwenlw Followers: 801K

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Why you should follow her: Unlike so many of her Victoria's Secret fellows, Liu posts so much more than the airbrushed glamour shots typical of models' Insta accounts. Rather than presenting an almost unreal look into the life of a model, this Chinese beauty captures beautiful backstage and behind the scenes shots, as well as lots, and I mean LOTS of tourist snaps. As someone with constant wanderlust, I love following her moves around the globe and seeing a celebrity get just as excited about the London Eye as I do. Plus, she's a Harry Potter geek... what's not to love? As if all that isn't enough to get you onto this girl's case, she is one seriously stylish chick, and frequently posts on-the-go shots of her impeccable outfits. Style icon!

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Who: Gisele Bündchen Account name: @giseleofficial Followers: 3.8M

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Why you should follow her: This Brazilian bombshell is still the highest earning supermodel in the business and at 34, shows no sign of slowing down. Living in New York, she constantly posts breath-taking pics of the city and Central Park. Those alone merit a follow, but there's also the gorgeous beach and nature shots that feature regularly (she's a quite a nature-loving hippy, Miss Bündchen), her adorable dog and children who also feature regularly, and she captions every single photo in both English and Portuguese which means you can actually slowly learn another language just by keeping up to date with her feed. Win. Plus, she posts a lot of bare-faced selfies and pics of her doing normal mummy things which kind of makes me love her for being down to earth.

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