Winter Nails Four Ways

If you’ve been reading my posts of late, you'll know I am all about embracing the winter in which I find myself since moving to London. Part of this involves making the most of the cold season's fashion and beauty which - let’s be honest - can be pretty great. So, in the spirit of embracing winter beauty, I have stocked up on new nail products and channelled my inner Queen Elsa with a series of frosty nail looks. Check out some of my designs below... what’s your fave?



This was my first attempt at ombré nails, and because I wasn’t quite sure how it was going to turn out, I used pale colours, but actually love the subtle effect it created. This is definitely a style I’m going to start doing more!




For this look I opted for a simple, underdressed feature nail, rather than dressing it up as is standard. I basically just tried to make it look like I had icy nails so went with a smooth metallic silver, coated in glitter. So shiny!



Bright (1).jpg

This bright, bold style is a little more fun. I chose two really bright shades and made sure I put a coat of white underneath to make the colour pop. To make it more interesting I put a thin coat of sheer shimmery blue on top.



Creative (1).jpg

I've invested in a nail pen, and I see myself spending a lot more time on creative nail designs now! This one is pretty simple, was fun. We keep having the promise of snow in London, but Mother Nature never follows through. To make up for this enduring anti-climax, I figured why not just make it snow on my nails?!


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