Fave Winter Look: Big Brows and Berry Lips

Big brows are back... can I get a hallelujah? Thanks to the likes of the lovely Lily Collins and model du jour Cara Delevingne, the days of thick, dark eyebrows have returned. As someone with naturally both dark and thick brows (though they're nothing on these gals), one might say I'm rather pleased. Because this is a great wintry make up look, and I'm all about embracing the perks of London winter at the moment, I took some inspiration from Miss Collins and gave her look below a try. I feel the dark brows, eyes and lips can be a bit of a tricky one to master, so I have done a run-down on how I did this below. What do you think of the final result?


Alright, to do this properly and show you guys the process of making myself up, I need to include a "before" shot for effect. Eek, here we go!


Right, first step is putting on a good base. My current foundation is Revlon Colourstay 24 Hour Foundation in Ivory (pasty winter skin here, remember). For daily use I typically just dab this on problem areas, but because I want a really solid base for this look, I'm going to put it on thoroughly, paying attention to the under-eye area. Dark eye makeup can look really bad when you have shadows under your eyes!


Ah, already feeling better! Because I have oily skin, no matter how much foundation I wear, after a couple of hours I tend to get an unpleasant sheen, so I have recently invested in this Luminous Matte Pressed Powder by Sally Hansen. I know the name seems like a contradiction but this is a neutraliser and makes skin matte, so is GREAT for those of us with oily skin types. If you're so blessed with normal skin, you can give this step a miss.


Next I want to put on a white/silver sheer eye shadow as a base, to try and achieve that pretty shimmery look Lily has. I'm just using a basic white powder shadow I bought years ago from Red Earth (anyone remember that amazing store?!) Any white or silver you have will do. As well as putting this on the lid, I'm going to put a little under my bottom lashes too.


I'm also going to use a white pencil on the inner corners of my eyes, just to make them pop. If you don't have a white eye liner pencil I suggest you rectify that situation - it's a great beauty tool to make a sleepy face look instantly brighter.


As you can see, my look thus far is pretty light, so to get started on the colour I am going to put a grey eye shadow along the creases of my lid, blending the colour at the outer corner. I'm using a single shadow from the Body Shop.


Alright, now comes the scary part - liquid liner. I have never really been brave enough to wear this much, so haven't really mastered it yet, but luckily for me, this look does not require mastery! Lily has left her inner lids basically bare, with the liner starting about 1/3 of the way along. I'm just going to put on a thin line for the outer two thirds of my upper lash line. As you can see, the result is somewhat wonky and amateur...


... But that's OK because we have pencil liner! Ah, something I know how to use. I've always been a fan of the softer look you can achieve using a pencil, and I like to opt for one that has a smudger on the end too. You can blend quite a bit with these, but I'm not wanting to get carried away. I'm just going to draw over and around the liquid liner to get a bit of a smokier look. I'm also going to put a think line along my bottom lash line, making sure to smudge it and blend it into the white inner corners.


OK, now it's time to get those big brows I was talking about! Maybelline have a great little number, the Master Shape Brow Pencil. This comes in a range of colours, so whether you have light or black brows, you'll find a match. I'm using Deep Brown. This is a rather heavy crayon-like tool, and is really easy to over-apply. I see it all the time and as you can imagine, nothing looks worse. It's so easy to come out looking like a clown, so take it easy and follow the natural shape or your brow, tracing just underneath where you brows naturally finish, to give a fuller look, and filling in the inner sections, to give a thicker look. As you can see, a little goes a long way - mine look noticeably darker than before.


The last step for your eyes is of course mascara. Thick, dark lashes are key for this style, so make sure you put on lots of coats and use a good product. My favourite is still this one from ModelCo. Overall, your finished eyes should look about like this...

PRODUCT - Deluxe Lipstick - Prohibition 2.jpg

Although I'm blush's biggest fan and usually consider it mandatory, on this occasion I am going to give it a miss. Having these brows, plus dark eyes and a full-on lip colour, you need a relatively canvas underneath as Miss Collins demonstrates. Putting colour on your cheeks would run the risk of turning a beautiful makeup look into a bit of a disaster. I think natural cheeks will do here!

So, the last step is lipstick. I have recently picked up this beautiful berry shade from UK brand Collection. This brand also became available not long ago in all Countdown supermarkets in New Zealand, so is very accessible and comes with a good price too. You don't always need to pay a lot to get a good lippy, and I am loving this one - it is really creamy and goes on like a dream. I'm using their Deluxe Lipstick in 'Prohibition'. Now this isn't quite as purple-toned as the look I was going for, but it's still a pretty gorgeous colour, check it out.


Although I think this shade actually suits me a bit better and is something I will wear more often, I was a bit gutted it wasn't as close to the look I was going for as I'd initially thought. So, just because I can, I had a little play-around with the gift we call technology and got the shade bang on. What do you think - shall I invest in a dark berry lippy? To be honest, I kind of love it - might just be my next makeup purchase!


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