Black and White and Beautifully Basic

I’ve mentioned before how I have a tendency to err on the side of the basic, the neutral, the monotone when making fashion choices. Despite active efforts to go against this instinct of mine, I think sometimes we need to do what comes naturally to us. I think the fact that we have natural inclinations towards certain 'types' be it in fashion, food or people, isn’t entirely insignificant. Sometimes we just need to embrace our innermost impulses and run with them.

I have decided to do just that, and put together the best of my black and white clothing – the two colours my eyes always dart to first on the rack. Just because it’s basic, don’t make it boring! The best thing about these shades is they suit everyone and any environment. Their flexibility means they can be tailored to the workplace, a night out on the town, or just a trip to your local cafe. Check out how I make the classic black and white combo in different scenarios.


1. Casual (1).jpg

Elements: Loose printed singlet (Decjuba) Black cardigan (Glassons) Black skinny jeans (H&M) White canvas shoes (Primark)

I am more confident in the shape of my lower half than my upper (I lack certain assets up top and like to dress to draw attention away from this) so I tend to wear tight pants to show off my legs and baggy tops to hide my underwhelming torso. This could easily be reversed though to suit someone who wants to flaunt/disguise different aspects of themselves.

This look is saved by being just a bit too boring by using a busy pattern on the singlet, rather than opting for a plain white top.

Behind the scenes.jpg

An unexpected (but very welcome) cat joined us for the shoot!


4. Professional (1).jpg

Elements: Dress (Portmans) Blazer (Max) Stocking and Boots (both Calvin Klein)

A black blazer is a mandatory for any working girl and can be worn with just about anything. I love hunting for nice office dresses, and tend to find a lot are offered in non-offensive black and white, so this combo is a great one for the workplace!

4. Professional (2).JPG


2. Night Out (2).jpg

Elements Sheer white singlet (Glassons) Black leather cut-out skirt (Wild Pair) Black heels (Wild Pair)

This skirt is probably the punkest thing I own - I don't tend to opt for leather! What I love about pairing black and white though is the way textures in these shades can complement each other. I like pairing the ever-so-slightly scary heels and skirt with a soft, girly top. Just for fun I like having white toenails for this look too... if you're going to do black and white, do it well!

2. Night Out (1).jpg

Casual (again)

3. Casual (1).jpg

Elements Peasant top (Glassons) Checked 3/4 pants (Top Shop) Black Ballet Flats (Zara)

Just because what I wear the most is casualwear, I thought I'd share another look with you! You'll notice I'm going for my loose top, fitting trousers trick again. There's something so preppy and delightfully 1950s about high-waisted 3/4 pants and ballet flats that I just love.

The full-on checked pattern of the pants is kept in check (ha! Apologies... bad pun) by the plain white shirt which falls over the top rather than being tucked in.

3. Casual (2).JPG

So go on, follow your instincts. Give them a chance to make fashion decisions for you. I always worry mine make me look boring when really, I'm kind of loving the black on white theme in my wardrobe!

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