Red Hair, Purple Dress, Dream Combo!

We all have envy now and then over the colouring of others - wishing we had her tan, her green eyes, her blonde tresses. As much as we all try our best to practise self love, every girl has moments of lusting over the attributes of others, amiright?

One such attribute I have long envied is red hair. I don't know if it stems from my love of The Little Mermaid as a child, or if it's just because it is genuinely so beautiful, but I think red hair is spectacular. Despite redheads being subject to many unfounded (in my opinion) jokes, a lot of women dye their hair in search of this beautiful colour, and it's such a shame that often those who are lucky enough to have it au naturel don't consider themselves to be so!

One thing I love best about red locks is how well the shade pairs with bright colours. Each of us have unique colouring and shades that compliment us best. In my opinion, nothing looks so beautiful with red hair than purple clothing - I swoon! I have recruited the help of some of my favourite redhead celebs to demonstrate this dream combo for me. You know, 'cause we're friends, I just called them up. *I wish*

I don't know if anyone else was as gutted as I was when Sophie Turner dyed her beautiful red hair to brown in Game of Thrones, let's hope it doesn't last long! How beautiful does her hair look with this red dress?

Sophie Turner purple dress.jpg

Amy Adams matches sleek and simple hair with an equally elegant sleek and simple dress in a gorgeous shade of plum.

Amy Adams purple dress.jpg

Emma Stone's not a natural redhead but - dare I say it - in my opinion it suits her better than her natural blonde. She made the most of this dyed colour by matching it with it's best accessory, the colour purple. I love that she tied her makeup into the colour scheme too!

Emma Stone purple dress.jpg

Marcia Cross shows that it's not just bright purple that looks good with red hair. This shade of lilac looks just as stunning with her porcelain skin tone as it does with her elegant red locks.

Marcia Cross purple dress.jpg

Christina Hendricks is another blonde masquerading as a redhead, yet she's been credited in the years since Mad Men has been on TV screens for making the hair colour fashionable again. She has the brightest of red shades, so nothing but the brightest of purple dresses for her! This combo is so hot it hurts.

Christina Hendricks purple dress.jpg

Everyone's favourite redhead since back in the days when Buffy reigned supreme on TV screens, Alyson Hannigan shows us how to master this combo in true red carpet style. Beautiful!

Alyson Hannigan purple dress.jpg

Repeat offender! Jessica Chastain clearly knows how beautiful this colour looks on her, purple is often her colour of choice on the red carpet - and for a good reason!

Jessica Chastain purple dress.jpg

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